A Speed Test to Find the Best and Fastest AAC App

  1. What size grid are you using on the proloquo2go? We use 7x 11 and I was able to make the sentences in 7, 7 and 3 hits respectively.

  2. Amanda Hartmann says:

    Very interesting! What grid size were you using with Proloquo2Go?

  3. B. Rubio says:

    I’m interested in finding out about how other school districts get their AAC devices, as I find myself totally flustered as an SLP working in the school system where I’m currently employed. The AAC device available to “sign out” from our central office are Big Macs. We are encouraged by our county to use “free apps” like Sounding Board and Say Hi! (which are both great, but very limited). I have been to a LAMP training, and have the static board to use with my nonverbal students, but have never worked with the software program on a device (I had a student last year who I really wanted to use the LAMP system with, but the county wanted her parents to purchase the app on a personal iPad and they would get reimbursed). It appears that, in our county, if you cannot get a device covered by Medicaid then you can forget about anything other than low-tech AAC. Is this typical? This is the only county I’ve worked in…

    • Shannon says:

      Good question. I agree with you that free apps for the purpose of a communication system are very limited. You definitely need more resources! In my district, we have an SLP that is our assistive technology person. She helps with getting devices to borrow or use with students. She also periodically comes out to all of the schools to check in on students and back-up their communication devices. All of my non-verbal or minimally verbal students have individual iPads with robust communication apps (like Proloquo2Go, TouchChat, LAMP Words for Life, etc..). These iPads are provided by the school, however all of them have secured home devices (that we keep in sync) through other funding sources. Hope that helps a bit!

  4. sneha says:

    i am confused some say LAMP is good for motor planning and using more language than requesting.though i am also leaning towards Word Power 108 for my son he can read some core words i found Lamp buttons abstract and you have to have good memory to learn the buttons first

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