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“I love these products for distance learning and they have been a go-to resource.”

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I’ve been designing speech therapy materials since 2012 and am passionate about both SLP effectiveness and wellness. 

I started Speechy Musings my first year in graduate school as a way to share my SLP experiences, musings, and creative therapy ideas with other SLPs. 8 years later, I’m still at it! 

My resources combine my years of experience as an SLP with my love for research articles. I'm most passionate about literacy, AAC, and language interventions. 

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I create speech therapy resources for busy pediatric slps who want to be effective at their jobs without sacrificing their personal lives.


I'm shannon!

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"I use it during social groups and the students have already shown progress using it. The pictures on each conversation card are such a great feature."

- Jennifer P. | 3rd Grade

I cannot say enough good things about this resource!

This product is so detailed and has so much included. I like how everything is broken down for you and it provides ideas as a guide to teach inferencing/predicting.

- Sara K. | 3rd + 4th Grade

"Everything created by the seller is amazing!"

I love that this resource provides a visual for my students to help them with formulating sentences! Wonderful for teletherapy! Thank you!

- Tiana B. | 4th + 5th Grade

"I love that this resource provides a visual"

Possibly the BEST MONEY I'VE SPENT ON TPT and that is saying something!! So happy to have this comprehensive resource with everything AAC in one place. Easy for me to share and help parents and kids embark on the AAC journey.

- Verified Customer | Early Childhood - 3rd Grade

"BEST MONEY I'VE SPENT ON TPT and that is saying something"

You need to buy this! In fact, you need to buy everything from Speechy Musings because you will never be disappointed and always so thankful!

- Katie G. | 5th - 8th Grade

"you need to buy everything from Speechy Musings"

AMAZING and the digital component now?! EVEN MORE AMAZING. Was recommended this toolkit from another therapist and couldn't be more thankful for it!

- Emily M. | Pre-K + Kindergarten

"couldn't be more thankful"

This was an amazing resource to have during distance learning! I love how systemic the product is at taking students step-by-step through building complex sentences. This product made my life so much easier- thank you!

- Emily B. | 4th + 5th Grade

"This was an amazing resource to have during distance learning!"

WOW! I know I say this with every Speechy Musings resource, but this product was so thorough, engaging, and practical. I can use it for almost every goal on my entire caseload (which is quite broad). I love that I can do themed therapy, which is fun for kids, but it requires no prep or frill.

- Maria K. | K - 5th Grade

"this product was so thorough, engaging, and practical."

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sample page for high frequency words for speech therapy

There are SO MANY ways to target articulation (and language!!) that don’t involve our artic kids finding words from text passages or just “focusing on their sounds” during other, unrelated activities. ⁣My favorite words for speech sound or articulation therapy are high frequency, and they can be found everywhere, all the time!⁣Here’s some ideas from […]

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WH questions in speech therapy come up a lot! They’re really functional and seem to be easily noticed as a weakness by teachers and parents. I wanted to share a few thoughts when targeting WH questions as well as a few of my favorite resources for targeting WH questions at a variety of language levels. […]

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I wanted to take a step back from my usually speech/language blog posts to chat about something I love very much: fonts. 😂 For the past 8+ years, I’ve spent a significant amount of my time designing and developing printable resources for SLPs. In that time, I’ve learned a ton and have developed an opinion […]

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"This was an amazing resource to have during distance learning!"

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