Data collection with AAC systems can be really tricky! How do I collect data without testing the student with questions like “Find _______ on your talker!”?!⁠⠀⁠ Goal Based AAC Data Collection Let’s start by looking at the goal suggestions I have in my speech therapy goal bank: · NAME will independently navigate to 4 different, […]

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My 3 Best Tips for AAC Data Collection

The very nature of being an SLP makes setting priorities and staying on task particularly challenging. In the school environment, an SLP’s day is segmented into 15, 30, or other relatively small segments of time spent in therapy. You might spend 15 minutes running articulation drills and practice for a small group and then find […]

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Managing Work Priorities As a Super Busy SLP

Are you looking for strategies and tips for teaching self regulation? Do your students need to work on understanding their own emotions and feelings? Teaching my students all about their emotions is one of my favorite things to do. It’s not only a life skill – but it’s an important one if your students are working understanding […]

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Top Strategies for Teaching Self Regulation

Middle school (and high school) speech therapy activities can be hard to find, but I’ve got you! Middle school has a mixed reputation. I know some SLPs are intimidated by teenage attitudes, or aren’t sure what to work on once the basics have been covered. Some of these middle schoolers and high schoolers have been […]

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Middle School Speech Therapy Activities: 10 Best Picks

Today’s topic is all about speech sound therapy! I’m going to share how I structure my therapy, stay organized, and think about service delivery for students who are working on targeted speech sounds or phonological processes. Below are my top 5 tips: Drill, drill, drill. I often ask myself, “What activity would make drill fun for this […]

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Speech Sound Therapy: Get Organized and Structure Your Sessions

laptop displaying google form paperwork hack

I’ve talked before about caseload management and data collection with Google sheets and other digital organization tips, but here is a new trick using Google forms to create docs! Let’s use those technology tools to free our minds up for more important things! Today’s guest post comes to us from Candace Hayden, M.A., CCC-SLP, an […]

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For SLPs

How-To Paperwork Hack: Let Google Forms Do the Work For You!

So, what’s work life balance all about, anyway? What’s work life balance? Work-life balance is the idea that healthy individuals should set boundaries on work so they can live a full life. It’s about making time for activities outside of work, like families, hobbies, and other pursuits. It’s about managing stress and feeling renewed. Supposedly, […]

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What’s Work Life Balance and Where Can I Get Some?

In good ways and bad ways, social media has a direct impact on our mental health. I wanted to share some specific advice and ideas on how to deal with feelings of inadequacy from using social media platforms. Does Social Media have any positive impacts on mental health? I (like many other SLPs) have social […]

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SLP Thrive

Social Media and Protecting Your Mental Health

Time-wasters at work creep in when you least expect it! What with massive caseloads, hefty paperwork requirements, and keeping up with CEUs and lifelong learning, it seems like SLPs would be the most efficient people around. But if you have a caseload of under 60-ish students and find yourself consistently working late or bringing work […]

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Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time With These Top 10 Time-Wasters

speech therapy resources for parents and home practice

Parents, if you have found this blog looking for resources for parents help their child practice their speech therapy goals at home, thank you for wanting to be part of the team! I have some great products that are perfect for home practice, depending on your child’s goals. I highly recommend that you reach out […]

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Simple Resources for Parents for an Unstoppable Speech Team

Do you truly feel like you are making an impact and making a difference at your jobs? Most SLPs say they get into the field to help people. Some days are great – we connect with our students, someone finally gets their /r/ sound, teachers are happy to collaborate with you. And some days are […]

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For SLPs

You Are Making a Big Difference At Your Jobs

Have you read Atomic Habits, yet? Written by James Clear, there is a ton of simple, straight-forward information about how to start new habits and get rid of bad ones. After all, small habits build over time and bring us closer to our goals! One key idea in the book is the importance of automating […]

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Automate Your Job For a Free Mind and Productivity Gains

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden