Vocabulary sheet using real pictures for speech therapy

Are you a fan of using real pictures for speech therapy? I love them so much that I have a whole BUNDLE of amazing Real Pictures products, featuring photographs to target narratives, inferencing and predicting, WH questions, vocabulary, describing and grammar! Photographs are an amazing way to encourage lots of expressive language in our students. […]

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Beautiful, Concrete, & Effective: Using REAL PICTURES in Your Materials

Is there anything more beautiful and versatile in speech therapy than a good narrative? Everyone loves a good story! Narratives, or connected sequences of events or stories, are the language of the classroom and academics, especially in the younger grades. They can entertain and inform. Narratives are also the backbone of every good social exchange. […]

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Narrative Intervention: The Complete Guide from Basics to Complex Language

Today’s post was written by fellow SLP, Candace Hayden, M.A., CCC-SLP. Candace is a current, practicing school speech-language pathologist. Thanks for joining us today Candace! Yesterday I was getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist when the hygienist found out that I’m a speech therapist. Like a lot of people, she wasn’t exactly sure what […]

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What Causes Speech Problems? The Blame Stops Now

Are you looking for ways for teaching emotions to your clients? Check out my Emotional Awareness worksheets with structured high-quality activity sheets targeting 20 different emotions, what they look like, and how they make us feel in our bodies. What is emotional awareness? Basically, it is the need to understand your own emotions and feelings. […]

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Teaching Emotions: More Than Just “Happy” and “Sad”!

sample page for high frequency words for speech therapy

There are SO MANY ways to target articulation (and language!!) that don’t involve our artic kids finding words from text passages or just “focusing on their sounds” during other, unrelated activities. ⁣My favorite words for speech sound or articulation therapy are high frequency, and they can be found everywhere, all the time! New Research on […]

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Best Advice for High Frequency Words in Speech Therapy

If you’re looking for some quick /r/ articulation lists, check out my systematic, super functional high-frequency /r/ packet! This resource will help you target words your students actually use like “really” and “are” instead of random, noun-based targets like “rooster” or “monster”. It includes printables to target R in isolation, syllables, words, phrases, sentences, and […]

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Tools and Techniques for Eliciting /R/ in Articulation Therapy

WH questions in speech therapy come up a lot! They’re really functional and seem to be easily noticed as a weakness by teachers and parents. I wanted to share a few thoughts when targeting WH questions as well as a few of my favorite resources for targeting WH questions at a variety of language levels. […]

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5 Activities to Work on WH Questions in Speech Therapy

I wanted to take a step back from my usually speech/language blog posts to chat about something I love very much: fonts. 😂 For the past 8+ years, I’ve spent a significant amount of my time designing and developing printable resources for SLPs. In that time, I’ve learned a ton and have developed an opinion […]

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For SLPs

Why Fonts Matter: Choosing Accessible Fonts in Speech Therapy Resources

Just a note before we get into it. This is a guest blog post from Amy, another SLP, all about virtual speech therapy organization! You can find Amy’s SLP Facebook page here. WOW – It’s almost December of what is surely the most unusual (I’ll refrain from using 2020’s most overused word unprec…) year of […]

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SLP Organization Ideas for Virtual Therapy

I want to start by saying that I sincerely hope this doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed. Instead, realize that real life SLP organization (at least for me!) is messy, involves many different systems, and likely changes a bit year to year. This is okay and this is normal. You’ll likely never set up something that […]

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How I Organize My Speech Therapy Materials

I realized quickly after starting as an SLP that language skills and executive functioning skills are incredibly intertwined. Since then, I’ve purchased several books, attended countless webinars, and tried tons of strategies with my students.  After lots of trial and error, I’ve found a few strategies to be effective and simple enough to teach to […]

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Simple Tips for Executive Functioning Skills in Therapy

Did you know that there are 300,000 items in the average American home?! That stat is absolutely wild to me. I don’t even want to know the average number of items in a speech room. Minimizing will help you thrive because the less stuff you have, the less time you’ll spend cleaning, organizing, looking for […]

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Decluttering Checklist Freebie for Ultimate Organization

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden