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AAC Language Lab Review

  1. Kayla P says:

    Hi Shannon! I just subscribed to Language Lab and I can already tell it was worth the money. How easy has it been for you to adapt the visuals and lessons for non-unity devices? Most of my AAC students use SymbolStix or Boardmaker symbols. Any tips or good shortcuts you have found?

    • Shannon says:

      Good question! It really depends on the student. For some students, I don’t necessary adapt the materials, I just model the vocabulary on their system as we do the activities as planned. For some other students, I make custom materials using the lesson plans for Language Lab using their symbols. One thing I’ve done that has made things WAY easier, is to print a page of symbols from a students device (e.g., a page of “love” symbols) and then glue them onto books or worksheets to supplement words or other symbols. I plan to do a blog post about this process next week so stay tuned! Hope that’s helpful!

  2. Molly says:

    What age range would you say these lesson plans would work for?

  3. Robin Davis says:

    Hey Shannon, I was introduced to this site yesterday. Can you tell me more about the smartcharts and how to use them?

    • Shannon says:

      Absolutely! The SmartCharts show you how to find the targeted vocabulary for each unit. It’s important to note though that this section is incredibly Unity specific!

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