No Print Basic Receptive Language Packet



Is it just me or are we reaching the time of year where there is just no time for crazy lesson plans and session prep?! That’s why I created a super, fantastic no-print product! You can use it on your iPad (in iBooks) or on your computer. Just open and go! How easy is that?!

This product targets a variety of receptive language skills including object identification, verb identification, and WH questions. Check out all six sections below:


When you open the product, you will be able to view instructions (see the first photo with the green border). The second page is the one shown above. There, you can click on any of those six boxes to be taken to that section.

Each page looks like the picture below:


There is a home button is the upper right corner that will take you back to the home screen to choose another topic area.

The forward arrow will move you to the next slide and the back arrow will take you to the previous slide.

Your student will answer each question by clicking on, or touching, the correct photo. When the touch the correct photo, the next question will appear. If you are using your iPad (and iBooks), when they touch the wrong answer, nothing will happen.



When your student answers the last question of each session correctly, they will be taken back to the home page, allowing you to select another section if you want! It’s super easy to use!

Below are some more example pages of each section. Note that the color of the border matches the subject area (e.g., red border = object identification, green border = function identification).


Every section contains 20 slides (20 questions) with picture choices, except for verb identification, which contains 15 slides (15 questions).


All of the pictures in the entire product are REAL PICTURES. I needed a product that was appropriate for even my older kiddos (no babyish clip art to worry about) and for my kiddos that just do better with real pictures.


Every slide contains two picture answer choices, except in the WH Questions section. These slides contain three picture choices each and definitely get harder. See how tricky this progresses up to below:


Last, there is an instructions page included. To access this page, you’ll need to go back to the first page of the product and click the instructions button in the upper left corner!


Think this would be useful for you? Purchase it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

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