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At the clinic where I work, I spend A LOT of time working on social skills! I lead social groups and work with kiddos working on pragmatic skills 1:1. I’m constantly on the hunt for great materials and programs to target social skills, especially ones that I can use with a variety of ages and in both group and individual settings. I was SO excited to check out Color My Conversation as it seemed to fit the bill perfectly… and it didn’t disappoint!!

Color My Conversation is a social skills curriculum that contains visuals, movement activities, carryover ideas, and more in order to teach how to engage in a variety of conversations! It comes in a nice box containing everything you need:


It targets turn taking, eye contact, body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, and listening skills.

Check out everything that comes with Color My Conversation below:


The manual is SUPER helpful, and available on a CD that comes with the curriculum.

By far, the most used part of this curriculum (for me) is the stepping stones. Each colored stone correlates with a different part of a conversation. Each part is taught 1 by 1 with explicit teaching activities.

Then, you can practice conversations by hopping from stone to stone!


I can attest that these stones are HIGHLY durable. They have been used for 5 months now and still look brand new.


This program is also super easy to adapt and add additional visuals for specific kiddos:


So here’s the basics. There is obviously more to the program than I can share in one blog post, but here should be enough information to decide if this curriculum would work for your caseload or not :)


As stated earlier, each colored stone represents a part of a conversation:

Yellow = Hellos, goodbyes

Green = Conversation starter

Blue = Topics

Red = Conversation stopper

In the curriculum, there are 3 types of conversations. Each type is taught one at a time, with an emphasis on teaching appropriate times to use each.

Yellow Conversation = The shortest type of conversation, where you basically say “hi” and keep walking (e.g., you are passing somebody in the hallway) (called the yellow conversation because you only use the yellow stones)

Short Conversation = A conversation where you might ask 1-2 questions, but keep things brief, these conversations are highly predictable (e.g., run into somebody at the grocery store)

Long Conversation = A conversation that is longer, involves topics and increased WH questions (e.g., hanging out at a friend’s house)


One additional “cool thing” that I really like are the lightning bolt looking things in the first picture (sorry for the horrible description). These are “topic changers”! This program teaches children how to change topics during longer conversations, a super important skill for so much of my caseload! It also teaches how to make appropriate comments and ask appropriate questions!

One thing I also love about Color My Conversation is the CD it comes with. It not only contains information on how to implement the program, but it also contains parent handouts, data forms, take home exercises, and worksheets!

As I mentioned above, I like to make “kid specific” visuals to go with the program. Check out two I made below:

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 4.33.32 PM       Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 4.36.25 PM

Want more information about Color My Conversation? Click here to check out more, including TONS of videos that break down the entire program. Additionally, click here to check out the Color My Conversation site. Rosslyn is fantastic and is always available for those who want to chat more about Color My Conversation and it’s implementation.


I absolutely love this program! It has been so helpful for the kiddos that need to work on conversation skills. I love how it progresses from beginner level skills (saying hello and goodbye) to higher level skills (engaging in conversation about preferred and nonpreferred topics). I also love the emphasis on why we have conversations. It’s been really easy to implement as well. I printed a ton of the handouts and lesson plans and put them in a beautiful Color My Conversation binder. It’s worked really well in individual sessions and my groups!

Even puppies like Color My Conversation :)


Right now, Color My Conversation is available for purchase from Northern Speech Services for $149, however it is on sale through 08/31/15 for only $120. Definitely worth it! PS: An updated manual will be coming out in October, so stay tuned for that!

The best part? Rosslyn from Color My Conversation was kind enough to offer a giveaway for one copy of Color My Conversation!! It is an amazing kit to start the school year off right! Enter using the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Back to School Speech and Language Therapy Packet


Back to school is a great time of year to get motivated, think big picture, go over goals with your kiddos, and set up systems that will ensure success throughout the year. This is even true for me and those of us who work year round, outside of the schools!

I recently revamped my Back to School Speech and Language Therapy Packet to include better graphics and fonts, and some minor changes.  This is a HUGE packet that contains materials to start your school year off right! It’s 83 pages and contains over 15 activities!

•Back to School Bingo
•Back to School Barrier Game
•Back to School Board Games
•Back to School Do-a-Dot Sheets
•Get to Know You Question Cards
•Black and White School Themed Homework/Worksheets (open-ended for articulation)
•Pack Your Backpack
•Summer Vacation Page
•Draw Your Break
•Color the Student (receptive language)
•My Speech Goals Booklet (with student friendly data sheets)
•All About Me Booklet (both booklets have multiple cover options)
•Back to School Themed Booklist
•Back to School Sequencing (2-step and 3-step)
•What Doesn’t Belong In The Backpack? A non-reader friendly category based activity.
•Build A Sentence Formulation Activity: Arrange cards to form a complete sentence to describe silly ways that students get to school.
•Back to School Themed Social Scenario Cards

I know I always like seeing pictures of pages, especially ones “in action” before buying a product. Below are pictures of some of my absolute favorite parts of the packet:


I love the printable black and white homework sheets. They are perfect for homework (obviously) and also great for no prep therapy exercises. This one targets following directions (I love using it to target following written directions):


And this one is PERFECT as articulation homework. Write any words you’re targeting on the books, color, cut, and glue onto the backpack:


I’ve included tons of sheets to help your students understand their goals better:


And to help you keep track of progress monitoring/goals better:


My favorite activity in the packet is a sentence formulation activity with a back to school theme. There are 8 cards for each WH question type. Pick a card for each type to make a silly, back to school themed sentence.

Slide09    Slide11    Slide15

I’ve always felt like Bingo was a super versatile activity. I included both written and picture cards depending on the goals/level of your students.

Slide17    Slide21

And who doesn’t love a good barrier game? Four scenes with instructions are included.


Easy dauber pages are included as I’m pretty sure I use something like the one shown above every single day.


Get to know you question cards are included to help you get to know your students and allow your students to get you know you!


One thing I feel like I’m always targeting is sequencing so I’ve included sequencing cards of various sizes and number of steps.

        Slide69 Slide79

Above are two different activities that are perfect for the beginning of the year: a what doesn’t belong activity and social scenario questions. These do best when laminated but I’ve used my Back to School Social Scenario cards without lamination for a year now and they are doing quite alright :)

Hope that helps give some more information about this awesome, time-saving packet. So much of it is black and white too!

Click here to check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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What are you looking forwards to this school year?

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