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Helping Students “Buy In” to Speech

“I don’t want to go to speech!” “Why do I have to come today?” “Can I just stay in class?” Have you ever heard these comments? I hear them particularly from my older students, but every now and then…

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Wind Up Toys

I recently posted on Instagram about making an AAC bin of activities including wind-up toys and got several questions about where I got them and how I plan to use them so I thought I’d write a post to…

For SLPs

Mind the Mentorship Gap

In school, they stress the importance of mentorship post-graduation. It’s paramount to have a good mentor, a mentor who gives you constructive criticism, a mentor who will help mold and shape you into a better professional, a mentor who…

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Articulation News

One of my first products on Teachers Pay Teachers was Articulation Menus, a fun way to generalize articulation skills and incorporate language skills – perfect for mixed groups. I used that resource all of the time until I decided…