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Storage Ideas for Your Cycles for Phonology Toolkit: SLP Toolbox and More!

  1. Corie says:

    I love all of the different storage options! I currently have them stored in the toolbox, but I might also create a binder + playing card sheets for when I travel to my PS students!

    • Jamie says:

      Shannon, I am absolutely not crafty and I cannot figure out how your labels look so professional on the covers of the photo storage boxes, my labels are covered in packing tape and it doesn’t look nearly as pretty as yours. Do you print labels on sticky back paper?

      • Shannon says:

        Hi! I printed them on regular paper and laminated them! And then used sticky tack or double sided permanent tape to attach them! Hope that helps!

  2. Teresa says:

    I am finally getting around to cutting all these cards and can’t wait to get everything set up. Can you tell me if you just put all the cards in one stack (ie, gliding initial /l/) or do you divide them into “sets” like your lists show?


    • Shannon says:

      I have seen people do both – put them all in one stack or divide them up. You really only need to tackle a handful of words each session and try to get lots of repetitions of those words, but you can store them however it makes sense to you!

  3. Teresa says:

    PS…are the cards at the end extras? Did you just add them to the stacks with the same sounds?

    • Shannon says:

      The cards at the end are additional cards with simpler, more common words if you or your students were struggling with some of the earlier words. These could each be their own set, or added to the stack. As a general rule, I only target 5 words per session and try to get 100+ productions of those 5 target words!

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