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FREE Data Sheets Round-Up

  1. The company I work for has given us a template they prefer us to use. It is similar to the one by Crazy Speech World and Allion’s Speech Peeps. I find it super easy to use and all of my data, objectives, notes, and any cues (type and number) are easy to understand.

  2. Data sheets are such a necessary evil! I use one for my artic students that has 20 small blocks per line with a line separating the groups of ten (similar to one of Crazy Speech World’s above)…this makes it very easy to count for the daily percentage instead of having to count each + and – mark. My language data sheets are three days per sheet with basically a large box each day for data. All of them have their goals numbered at the top, that way I’m not wasting time re-writing their goals each time. Thanks for all the different samples! I’m going to start using the student friendly data sheet.

  3. Brooke Andrews says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m always looking data collection ideas!

  4. Lori says:

    Hi! Thank you for all of those options. I was wondering how you keep track of each students objectives when they are differing between each child (I.e.-my language kids). I would like to find a way to have their goals in front of me, at a glance, on one page for the entire group, particularly for language sessions. I use a system right now but it uses a lot of paper..and I was looking for a new system. So, if each student is on a different page, how do you keep the data quickly as they are answering questions etc? I was trying to find a better way to have each group right in front of me , all on one page, to make the notes, checks, %, etc. I hope I made sense! Thank you again..!

    • Shannon says:

      You make perfect sense. To be honest, I have IEP goals printed on one page, data on the next for each student. When I have multiple in a group, I put pens between the pages of each student so I can quickly flip between. I also don’t take data on every trial. Sometimes I’ll have one student answer 5 in a row for data collection, for example.

  5. Patricia Livecchi says:

    I made a template almost like yours for my daily data, but I also added a column after each name for attendance.

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