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You know you are in SLP graduate school when…

  1. shetraces says:

    I feel no pressure to do a PhD! 🙂 Grad school is amazing.
    * You have a (mental) nickname for everyone in class, and know everyone pretty much by personality.
    * You have higher awareness when watching TV about speech rate, intelligibility and dialects.
    * Every time you buy a new toy or material, you tell yourself it’s okay because you can write it off your taxes.
    * You keep wondering how exactly you can are going to keep track of all those receipts for materials you buy.
    * You have worksheets galore for all areas of language.
    *CamScanner is your best friend, it has definitely become mine!

  2. Julia says:

    Finished grad school many years ago, but find that almost all are still pertinent!

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