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Favorite Speech Therapy Toys for Birth to 5

  1. Judy Hale says:

    I am so old that I have the old, old, old version of the Fisher-Price Farm set, and may I say that it never gets old to the kids! They all love it, and it generates a lot of language. I also have a Fisher-Price pirate ship (well, I really have two of them). One ship belonged to my son, and I had to buy it back from him at a garage sale we were having. I got a newer version of it, because the older one was getting a little wrecked from too much fun, so my pirate ship is only a few years old, but it’s great–I also have a cool collection of pirate figures for it, and one looks like Captain Jack Sparrow–he’s a real hit!

  2. Sherra Jones says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I work in early intervention and have a lot of children referred due to speech/language delay…wonderful ideas to help with learning, language and attention to task.

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  4. Lynn Jones says:

    I use a plastic tea set (tea pot, plates, cups, utensils) paired with some pretend food. I use this toy literally every day. The kids love it and we get a lot of pretend play, labeling, direction following, requesting, two-word phrase practice (more tea, my turn, pour tea, big banana, etc), practice with signs, eye contact, joint attention. I work in EI with 0-3 year olds, traveling from house to house (or daycare) so I need to keep things a bit compact.

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