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Get excited! My first easy-to-use, versatile narrative-based intervention kit is here!

Searching for Home is an original wordless picture book created specifically with SLPs in mind! Easily target everything from character description to story comprehension, from core vocabulary to tier 2 vocabulary words, and from simple sentence formulation to sentence combining using JUST ONE STORY!

Searching for Home was originally written to be wordless, however it also includes 3 levels of text so it can easily be adapted. 

The story includes salient story grammar elements and story structure. It can also be adapted to be shorter or longer - you can tell a complete story in as few as 6 picture scenes.

This story bundle, available only here on my website, includes the entire digital and printable bundle PLUS physical, mailed-to-you story cards.

In the digital and printable file, you will receive Searching for Home in a wide variety of formats including color and outline versions as well as both digital and printable formats. This makes it easy for you to print it again and again or even share the story directly with families!

The digital and printable file also includes more than 25 activities based on the story! In addition, I've included tools that make this story even more useful and versatile including an informal narrative assessment, a core vocabulary board with related fringe words, and tons of visuals! 

The physical card deck you will receive in the mail includes 17, 4x4 waterproof cards in a metal tin. Each card has a story scene on the front and a question on the back.

Note: Card decks are currently only available to ship within the USA. In the future I hope to be able to offer more shipping options!

Searching for Home Narrative-Based Intervention KIT bundle

Please Note: This story is available in 3 different formats on 3 different websites. By purchasing from my website, where you are reading now, you will receive EVERYTHING! You will receive physical story cards by mail plus a digital file of printables and digital materials sent via email. If you’re interested in checking out smaller pieces of this bundle, you can check out the product bundles available on Teachers Pay Teachers or Boom Learning. I CANNOT PROVIDE UPGRADES OR REFUNDS BETWEEN WEBSITES. For example, if you purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers but later want just the story cards, I am not able to refund you on TpT to make the purchase here. Make sure you’re clear on what you’re buying prior to purchase!

the full list of what's included

The digital file includes a huge variety of versions of the story Searching for Home, including easy-to-print outline versions that you can send home to families you work with! There are 25 different activities included that target a variety of language goals all the way from core vocabulary to writing your own version of the story!


This tin makes the cards easy to access but protected in case you want to throw them in your therapy bag! Easy to stack or store in a bin on a shelf.


In addition to the printed story cards, you will receive a variety of printable and digital activities emailed to you! These activities make it easy to plan a month of therapy for your caseload in no time!


Yes, you read that right! The story cards are printed on Terraslate paper which make them sturdy and easy to clean! They are 4 by 4 inches in size which make them easy to sequence and store!




product features

-17 4x4, waterproof story cards printed on Terraslate paper. On the front of each card is a story picture scene and on the back is a question or language-prompt. 
-Metal storage tin

Mailed-to-you Story Cards

-Boom Card™️ Story Files (all 3 levels of text plus an editable, wordless version)
-Boom Card™️ Activities – 4 language activities plus 1 simple reinforcer
-Digital, Click-Through Storybook
-Google Slides™️ Wordless Picture Book with editable text boxes
-All printable files contain editable text boxes so they can easily be filled out on a computer!

Digital Files

-An informal narrative assessment checklist
-Flashcards/images of items from the story
-Text and picture matching activity (match the story picture scenes to the text)
-Low-tech AAC board with core vocabulary + outer space fringe (includes all targeted words in the AAC version of the storybook)
-Core vocabulary handouts (big, turn, up, look)
-Basic concept visuals and sorting pages (big, round, hot, far)
-Character description worksheets
-Compare and contrast activities
-Dot pages (for a simple, book-themed reinforcer activity)
-Feelings worksheets (with illustrations directly from the story!)
-K/W/L chart for outer space
-One Sheet Language Lessons based on the book!
-Sentence combining worksheets
-Sentence formulation for storytelling – Cut and glue visual icons to create simple sentences to tell the story!
-Story comprehension worksheets
-Story retell visuals
-Suffix visuals and worksheets (targeting -y: stormy, rocky, rainy)
-Synonym and antonym worksheets
-Vocabulary worksheets – two levels! (frigid, launch, locate, return, round, search, environment, hostile)
-WH question activities
-Writing worksheets – write your own version of the story!

Printable Activities

-Both color and outline versions of the story
-3 levels of text + wordless version 
-AAC version of book with 1 symbol highlighted per page
-Printable mini cards for sequencing and retell

Printable Book Versions

HERE IS what's included:

"HOLY MOLY! I’m consistently impressed with Shannon’s products but “Searching for Home” is next level. It is a product that every SLP, elementary/special Ed teacher and ELL teacher needs. I was expecting a cute book with cards and some follow up activities but what I received absolutely blew me away. From the Boom Cards, to leveled readers to Google Slides, to black and white or color versions I was happily surprised by every file I opened!"

Jess H.

"I was so excited to get these cards and my students love them at least as much as I do! I've used them with students PreK through 4th grade and they are so engaging. One group was clamoring over who got to answer the language-based questions on the back of the cards. Shannon has created a wordless picture story, a classic speech therapy standby, and added on a multitude of thematic activities for every goal, student, and level. She even remembered my AAC students! Thank you!!"

Candace H.

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How will I access and receive the digital files?

The digital files will be emailed to you after purchase. The link will allow you and only you to download the files. You will need to store these files on your computer or somewhere like Google Drive for easy access. If you would rather have the file available in your TeachersPayTeachers “My Purchases”, click the button below to check out the digital resource on TpT.

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When you buy here on my website, you’re getting the ENTIRE bundle: the physical, mailed-to-you cards + the printable story and activity files + the Boom Cards. 

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Or, if you only want the Boom Card files, you can check out that option on Boom Learning.

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You’re in luck! Searching for Home is offered in 3 different file formats. The digital and printable files are sold separately on Teachers Pay Teachers.

What if I just want the digital files?
What if I have a question about my order?

You can reach out to the Speechy Musings team at Just a heads up: it’s our goal to answer emails within 48 hours, Monday through Thursday. 

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