If you’re like most SLPs, you are in need of some pronouns speech therapy activities! Pronouns are actually the #2 most common grammar target amongst elementary school SLPs, so it’s a pretty common need. Children start using pronouns at 3-4 years of age. They don’t perfect them then, though. It isn’t until 3rd grade that […]

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Pronoun Activities: Time to Go Beyond He and She!

First of all, if you’re in a rush and need some quick /l/ words right now, scroll down to my free /l/ words lists! But if you have just a little more time, make sure to check out all of my favorite, easy, time-savers that help me work on articulation targets systematically, efficiently, and effectively! […]

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L and L Blends Words, Lists, Activities, and More!

th words lists

If you are in need of some “th” words for your therapy right now, you’ve come to the right place! Just scroll down for my TH word lists! But if you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive to make therapy planning consistently simple, read on for my favorite therapy materials that will get your […]

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TH Words, Lists, Materials, and Everything You Need!

spatial concepts digital speech therapy activity on iPad boom cards

Update 2022: I released a new sentence sliders product, just for tackling spatial concepts! If you want to learn more about this new product, just for tackling these concepts, scroll down! What are spatial concepts? Spatial concepts, or spatial relationships, describe an object’s location, important concepts for speech therapy. In grammar-land, we call these words […]

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Spatial Concepts: Hands On Games, Activities, Worksheets, and More!

shannon loves the cycles approach for speech therapy

Are you struggling with articulation therapy students and ready to get started with the cycles approach for speech therapy? I was in that same place once, which is why I made my Cycles for Phonology Toolkit! Let me share what I learned and how I decide who is a good fit for this approach, assess, […]

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Cycles Approach for Speech Therapy: Everything You Wanted to Know

5 big mistakes I made as a new slp

UPDATE 2022: I wrote this post with the biggest SLP mistakes I made as a new SLP years ago, but when I reread it, I find myself forgetting and making some of the same mistakes over again. We all just want to do our very best for our students and sometimes we need repeated reminders […]

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5 BIG Mistakes I Made As a New SLP

Do you love story grammar elements and narrative intervention as much as I do? Share below if you’re already a fan! I’m always looking for fun ways to incorporate narratives into my therapy and love to hear everyone’s creative ideas! My readers know that I am a huge fan of narrative intervention, teaching story grammar […]

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Just When you Thought Story Grammar Couldn’t Get Any Better!

194 of my favorite TPT freebies for SLPs

Are you on the hunt for some free speech therapy materials?? Who isn’t?! Speech therapists aren’t exactly being overpaid and sometimes something new helps breathe life into the therapy plan. Now, I’ll be honest, my favorite products are large, versatile, all-encompassing mega units that last me a whole year, like my cycles for phonology product, my […]

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194+ of my Favorite FREE Speech Therapy Materials!

10 wordless picture books for slps

In case you don’t know, wordless picture books are one of the most versatile, useful materials you can have for speech therapy! I’ve worked in 3 different settings since graduation. This has turned me into a material hoarder as there are very few materials that are appropriate for all of the children I’ve worked with! […]

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10 Best Wordless Picture Books for Speech and Language Therapy

I originally made my one sheet printable speech therapy worksheets (One Sheet Language Lessons – No Prep Speech Therapy Printables) to help me with my middle school caseload. Then, due to popular demand, I made a set for lower language levels too (One Sheet Lower Level Language Lessons – No Prep Speech Therapy Printables)! Read […]

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Time Saving All in One Speech Therapy Worksheets

“What’s your why?” It’s kind of a loaded question, isn’t it? There is a truck commercial from 2012 where a man walks over to introduce himself to his new neighbor. “So, what do you do?” he asks the man. And instead of responding with his job title, like most of us would do, the man […]

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For SLPs, Musings

What’s Your Why? And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

receptive language menu

What is receptive language? Receptive language is how we understand that language input we receive. Basically, receptive language is comprehension. Imagine if you lost your voice. You would still be able to understand when people talk to you, you just wouldn’t be able to verbally communicate your thoughts (which is “expressive language”). Some children may […]

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What is Receptive Language and 8 Activities to help!

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden