Idiom Definition for Kids As always, when providing idiom intervention for kids, make sure to start with explicit and clear instruction. For a quick review on what an idiom is, just remember that “idiom” is an expression or common saying that has its own meaning. Idioms are a type of figurative language, which is the […]

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Piece of Cake!: Best Idiom Intervention for Kids

Are you ready for 70 printable or digital describing pictures for speech therapy with real pictures? Check out my One Sheet Real Picture Describing for Speech Therapy packet! Enjoy no-brainer speech therapy with high quality photographs (perfect for color printing, digital materials, and teletherapy), plus helpful visuals to maximize your students’ success. Not ready to […]

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Must Have Describing Pictures, Visuals, Worksheets And More!

A month or so ago, I saw a post on Instagram from Jordyn Carroll (jrc_theslp) where she talked about the need for more SLPs to discuss what we’re paid in our salary. I agreed and decided to dig through the archives and share my exact salaries for the first 5 years I was an SLP. […]

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For SLPs

My SLP Salaries – Here’s what I really made my first 5 years as an SLP…

Today’s guest post “How To Become a Speech Pathologist” is written by Candace Hayden, M.A., CCC-SLP, who experienced going back to school at 30+ years old with a family. She is currently a school SLP working with elementary-aged students. Thanks for joining us, Candace! How To Become a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in 6 Easy Steps […]

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How To Become a Speech Pathologist

Need quick therapy materials targeting affixes or root words? Then you need my Prefix and Suffix Activities for Speech Therapy – Morphological Awareness packet! With over 200 clean, well-designed worksheets, targeting 50 prefixes and suffixes, you’ll get an entire year’s worth of therapy! Read on for more information about why we target affixes, plus goal […]

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Time-Saving Ways to Target Affixes in Therapy

In need of some quick research-based syntax speech therapy materials? Check out my Systematic Sentence Combining to target syntax with no-prep, printable worksheets (or no-print for digital learning and teletherapy!). Methodically move through sentence combining, conjunctions, adverbial clauses, relative clauses, compound sentences, complex sentences, and embedded details with over 200 worksheets covering 5 levels of […]

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One of a Kind Tools to Teach Sentence Combining

If you are looking for speech therapy materials with inferencing picture scenes using evidence-based strategies, make sure to check out my Inferencing and Predicting Using Real Pictures for Speech Therapy. It includes 100 real life picture card scenarios that allow you to provide effective, direct teaching on how to make inferences from picture scenes (also available […]

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Real World Inferencing for Deducting, Problem Solving, And Comprehension

If you need ideas to target vocabulary for speech therapy, you’ve come to the right place! Check out my: Vocabulary Worksheets for Speech Therapy (100 vocabulary words! Print-and-go, one-sheet, no-prep vocabulary worksheets that use REAL pictures, available in digital format as well for teletherapy/virtual therapy) Upper Level Vocabulary Worksheets (100 academically-relevant vocabulary words, simple, strategy-based […]

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Activities, Goals, And More: Everything You Need For Vocabulary Intervention

Speech therapy themes are a perfect way to streamline your therapy lesson plans. In case you’re having a hard time coming up with therapy ideas lately, I’ve got your back. I have 7 complete thematic units (plus more coming in the future) to target 12+ language skills! Why Use Themes in Speech Therapy? Have you […]

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Target 12+ Language Skills with the Ultimate Theme Toolkit

Are your students working on main idea strategies? Are you wondering how to teach main idea? Check out my 32 simple, no-prep non-fiction stories specially designed to teach main idea concepts, with an additional 50 stories included in my expansion pack. You’ll love these main idea worksheets! Comprehension: Address Foundational Skills Before we work on […]

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Surefire Strategies that Actually Teach Main Idea And Comprehension

What is Phonological Awareness? Phonological awareness refers to knowledge of the general structure and sounds of words, including syllables, rhymes, and sounds. We can this by identifying rhyming words, manipulating phonemes (sounds in words), and counting syllables. If you are looking for a no-prep, systematic way to meet your kids’ needs in this area, make […]

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Super Simple Ways to Up Your Phonological Awareness Game

Vocabulary sheet using real pictures for speech therapy

Are you a fan of using real picture scenes for speech therapy? I love them so much that I have a whole BUNDLE of amazing Real Pictures products, featuring photographs to target narratives, inferencing and predicting, WH questions, vocabulary, describing and grammar! Photographs are an amazing way to encourage lots of expressive language in our […]

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Beautiful, Concrete, & Effective: Using REAL PICTURES in Your Materials

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden