Decluttering Checklist Freebie for Ultimate Organization

  1. Kitty Nelson says:

    I keep wanting to do this with my therapy room. I have been a therapist for 18 years now! I can’t believe that number! I love new materials but I also love my old stuff and I think the OCD’ness most of us SLPs have make it difficult to get rid of something that is still so useful.
    I’ve started simply by scanning old materials and then trying to get rid of the hard copies. It’s a lot easier to “delete” a file saved on my computer than it is to let go of that cute binder full of paper.
    The Marie Kondo book had great ideas and was useful for both home and work decluttering! It was a good read.
    Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas and all the work you do and put out there for those of us who are not so organized with life!!

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