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Executive Functioning in Speech Therapy

  1. Kayla P. says:

    Hi Shannon! This post gives me a lot to think about- thanks for sharing! I am curious about how you implemented this curriculum. Did you teach it directly to your therapy groups during therapy sessions/go into classrooms to teach it with the classroom teacher? Or did you use concepts and ideas from the curriculum and embed them into more traditional speech, language, and fluency therapy activities?

    • Shannon says:

      All of the above – honestly! I made it work for whatever service delivery I was using because I implemented it halfway through the school year. I went over it with several teachers who expressed greater concerns about some kiddos in their classrooms and their ability to regulate and stay focused in the classroom. I also did it with 1:1 sessions and in social group type sessions. For some kiddos, who didn’t have social/organization goals directly, I just did a few sessions here and there to introduce the vocabulary and visuals and I used them while we worked on other goal areas. For example, I had several articulation kiddos that had difficulty with executive functioning so for them I just introduced and used the visuals during their articulation sessions in order to increase time spent on task and overall flexibility with changes. Hope that helps and makes sense!! Thanks for your question.

  2. Laura Trembly says:

    Hi! I was just wondering of you think these lessons would be good for High School age. I’m starting with this age in September and I think this sounds awesome!

    • Shannon says:

      I would think so, however I have very little experience with students that age and haven’t tried it. The vocabulary and worksheets and such are definitely not “baby-ish” though so I’d imagine it should!

  3. Victoria says:

    Would this be too much for a preschooler to handle or do you think the strategies would work with a younger client.

    • Shannon says:

      I think it could work for the right preschooler. I did use some of the vocabulary with one preschooler of mine!

  4. This sounds like a great curriculum. I have 2 kids with ADHD that may benefit from your suggestion. Thanks for the Amazon link to UnStuck & On Target. I’ll check it out.

  5. Katharine says:

    Hi Shannon! Since this is an old post, I wanted to check-in and see if this is still something you’d recommend…thoughts? Thanks for your help!

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