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I LOVE apps!! They are so perfect for grab and go sessions, or filling a couple minutes between activities. Recently, I was introduced to I Can Do Apps. These apps are all SUPER affordable, created by an SLP, and really useful!

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 10.53.46 AM

I was lucky enough to check out five of their apps: Following Directions, Object Identification, Guess What, Guess Who, and Guess Where. I’ll describe each briefly below, but stay tuned in future blog posts to hear even more about these great apps!

2014-04-04 07.39.19

Following Directions

 2014-04-04 07.39.402014-04-04 07.39.35This is probably my favorite app from I Can Do Apps because it targets some really tricky directions and provides instant feedback. As you can see from the first picture of the app, you can choose which level of difficulty to do!

2014-04-04 08.13.09

Object Identification

 2014-04-04 08.14.10 2014-04-04 08.15.42 2014-04-04 08.15.34 2014-04-04 08.15.17 2014-04-04 08.14.56 2014-04-04 08.14.16

This app is GREAT for use before a tool like the EET. It targets receptive vocabulary and so much more than simple object identification. You can have your students find pictures using adjectives AND verbs! Example pictures of each level are above!

2014-04-04 08.16.28


These three apps are so great I gave them their own folder on my iPad! You can have your students guess who, where, and what based on four clues. Check out some screenshots below:

2014-04-04 08.18.042014-04-04 08.18.072014-04-04 08.18.112014-04-04 08.18.14

As you can see from the picture above, you can guess (click answer) after just two clues. Great for those kiddos you want to push to see how early they think they know what it might be. I have my students write revised guesses with each clue and this app is great for that because the clues come up one at a time.

2014-04-04 08.17.342014-04-04 08.17.392014-04-04 08.17.44

 2014-04-04 08.16.512014-04-04 08.16.592014-04-04 08.17.042014-04-04 08.17.09

Overall, EVERY app I used from I Can Do Apps was fantastic! I use them a lot. The graphics are simple and nondistracting. The concepts targeted are functional and perfect for speech-language pathologists. One thing I need to mention is that these app makers are fantastic and their apps range in price from  $0.99 to $2.99 which is A STEAL in app terms!!

Click here to check out their website and see all of their apps!

Carrie was kind enough to share SIX codes for free apps below. I’ll be giving away 3 copies each of Following Directions and Guess What. Use the Rafflecopters below to enter:

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