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Jenna over at Speech Room News hosts a “Love It & List It” linky each month. This month’s theme is organization!


Because I’m still in graduate school, I won’t pretend to know anything about organizing materials for a school based SLP, BUT I do have a pretty good system for myself in school!

Overview: I use one or two binders for all of my classwork. I either put all of them in one binder, or separate for MWF & TTh. This year, I’m putting everything in one binder! (see the picture below)


Then, I also keep a separate clinic binder where I keep data and materials.I ALWAYS have a running to-do list of everything I need to do. I wouldn’t survive without my planner! For the first couple weeks, I have to weirdly carry my schedule around with me as well.

photo (2)

I do have a planner but because I’m obsessed with to-do lists and schedules, I usually use another week at a glance form as well.

photo (3)

I’ve created a FREEBIE that I think is adorable to help YOU stay organized as well! It includes everything I use to help stay organized during graduate school (and all of the forms I showed above). While I think it’s perfect for graduate students, I promise that I didn’t forget the rest of you. I made sure to make it perfect for SLPs or anyone looking for some cute, organizational pages.


First, I included 5 different binder covers (shown below). They come in 5 fun colors! Use then for your class/clinic binders! Just write in the name of the class in the white space. Feel free to add text on the PDF and print that way too!

Slide05  Slide03

I also included inserts for the spine of the binders as well. Again, easy to just write in the name of the class/subject.


Next, I made a fun to-do list to keep track of what needs to get done! I have this one divided up in “School”, “Clinic”, “Personal”, and “Other” categories. BUT, I also included one with blank titles for those of you who would like it divided differently!


Next up is a schedule! Fill in at the beginning of the semester (or whenever your schedule changes) to keep track of when you need to be certain places. I’ll be printing off several of these because my schedule never stays the same for the whole semester…


 I’ve also included a week at a glance form. It’s pretty self explanatory! If you can’t see it, the bottom contains a section for important meetings/assignments/tests, and notes as well as a small to-do box.


Last, there is an included poster! This has been one of my favorite quotes to get through graduate school.


What do you think?? Can you tell I love that aqua color? :) I REALLY love how these turned out and I hope you do too!

You can download this product FOR FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. While you are there, you should consider following my store for updates when I upload new and exciting products!

And if you need binders, this is an AWESOME deal. It’s usually around $4 for 4 binders and they have the wonderful clear sleeves on the front and spines for your new, pretty binder covers!

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Thanks for reading!

Lovely comments

  1. Jenna says

    Thanks for thinking up! This is wonderful! If you’re organized NOW, that’s a good trend for when you have your own speech room!

  2. Kristen says


    I LOVE your freebies! I downloaded the binder cover etc but when I added Text to the one I picked out it won’t let me add Text larger than 24 font in adobe? I tried converting it to a word doc so that I could add a text box and its password protected. Is there a way around this? I would love a large cute girly font because I don’t like my handwriting enough to write it in. :) Thanks again!


  3. Alex says

    I downloaded this file but I’m unable to add text any bigger than a size 24 because it’s password protected. Do you know of any way around this?

  4. M says

    LOVE the binder cover and matching pages.
    Quick question…. I noticed all the other pages, like the ‘To-Do’, ‘My schedule’, and ‘Week at a Glance’ are all outlined in the teal/aqua color.
    Do you have any that are outlined in the pink color instead? I didn’t see them when I downloaded your file and just wanted to check because I absolutely LOVE the gray and pink together!

  5. Candice says

    Hi, I downloaded the freebie. I am extremely excited about this as I attempt to become more organized :)
    When I try to enter any text it won’t let me…any suggestions?

  6. Tamara says

    I LOVE your binder covers and organization! It says that you can type on the cover what you want, but it won’t let me do it unless I have a version of Adobe that I have to pay for. Is there a way that you could send me one that isn’t protected?

  7. Julia says

    Awesome and cute designs but how am I supposed to add text and also what are the name/names of the different fonts that you used throughout the version that is online on your store?? Thanks! :)

    • Natalie says

      I added text in Adobe Reader. If you click Fill & Sign on the upper right corner, there is an option to add text. Hope this helps:)

  8. Kelsey says

    This is just what I need! Thank you so much! It only took me 4 years of college to figure out I need something like this. You are a life saver. =)

  9. Natalie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this free printable! This is the second year I’m using it for my school binder.

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