Multiple Meaning Product Review

Are you in need of an AMAZING material to target multiple meanings? Seriously… look no further. This one ROCKS.


First, check out this adorable cover. And if you can’t tell from the theme of my blog, I LOVE OWLS. From this cover, you can see that the packet includes 24 homonyms, 24 heterographs, and 24 heteronyms as well as 3 definition posters, 2 review posts, 15 bingo cards, 1 game board, 1 review sheet, and 1 sorting sheet! For $3.50, I’d say that is an incredible value!!

Owls Multiple Meanings1

This packet comes with a few useful anchor charts! I love laminating these and pulling them out whenever needed! The handout below is also a freebie that you can download here. Think of it as a preview to this amazing packet!

Owls Multiple Meanings2

After the great visuals, the cards begin!! See the picture below for an example of a page of cards. I LOVE the pictures in this packet! Visuals really help so many of our kiddos! There are 72 words targeting in this packet!

Owls Multiple Meanings4

After each section of cards, are Bingo boards! See an example board below.

Owls Multiple Meanings5

So overall… what do I love about this packet you might ask?
1) Everything!!
2) The owls.
3) The word targets (great, functional choices)
4) The length (it’s long and complete, but not so long that is feels at all wasteful!)
5) The layout (great graphics, great use of page space, looks pretty)
6) The bingo boards (keeps it fun and motivating in therapy!!)

This packet is 42-pages long and is selling for ONLY $3.50. Seriously, a great bargain when you think about all of the time it takes to put pictures like that into a packet! You can buy it in her TpT Store here. Not convinced and want more info, you can read Queen’s Speech post about the product here.

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If you’d like to read Queen’s Speech post about my Articulation Menus, check it out here! She provides many pictures of what is included!

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