Figurative Language in Short Stories

I have a new exciting FREEBIE for all of you! It incorporates the RAP Protocol (which I’ve used in two other products) while using figurative language including metaphors, similes, and idioms!


Included is:
-17 short stories
-1 story elements die
-Graphic organizers (2 versions)
-Cover card for organization

Your students can read simple, short stories and identify the main idea and 2 details from each. There are multiple examples of figurative language in each story. This way, your students can practice their comprehension skills at the same time as their figurative language. For me, this helps solidify the meanings of idioms, similes, and metaphors without making my kiddos memorize each! They can use them in some sort of context!

I’m doing this a little differently than I have done freebies in the past. It is not on Teachers Pay Teachers! Instead, head on over to my Facebook page here and click ‘like’ to activate the download button! From there, it should bring up a webpage with the product!


You can see some pictures from the product below:





Check out my similar packets for expository text and narrative text!

Do you enjoy this format for free downloads?? I was thinking of switching it out every couple months!

Lovely comments

    • Linda Apple says

      This looks great. I am always looking for something that is appropriate for 5th graders. I don’t like having to go on Facebook to access the materials because FB is blocked at work and it gets complicated to download it.

      • Shannon says

        Thanks so much for your kind words! If you email me (, I can email them to you as well if that’s easier!

  1. Sara Tomlinson says

    I would LOVE to have this freebie, however I do not have a facebook page. Is there any way that I can get it otherwise? thanks!!!

  2. Sharon Hudnall says

    I love your idea on figurative language stories. I do not have a facebook page. Is there anyway you could email me a copy?

    • Shannon says

      Absolutely, Laura! Just to clarify, is the link not working for you? I just want to make sure the download process is working and something isn’t broken! Shoot me at email at and I can email it over either way!

  3. Kell says

    HI! Just wondering, do you have copies of short stories for 5th graders. I am being observed this week and need some ideas for short stories that have figurative language. Any ideas? Thanks so much for your help.

  4. Lynda says

    I wanted to look at your list of books to use with artic sounds. Unfortunately, FB is blocked at my worksite. :-(

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