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You know you are in SLP graduate school when…

SLP Graduate School

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the funny things my friends and I do now that we are in the thick of graduate school. Our lives have become one twirled & tangled speech language oral mechanism hearing swallowing neuroanatomy mess. So really, take a break from all that stress and insanity and laugh over how strange you are!

You know you are in SLP graduate school when…

*You text your friends in IPA

*You assess every child you see out in public (or do this)

*Eating healthy isn’t even an option. Can Starbucks be a meal replacement?! Oops.

*You realize how little you know

*SOAP is now all capitalized, doesn’t have anything to do with cleaning, and kind of makes you cringe

*The first place you go at Goodwill is the games, books, and toys section

*You get a break and all you do is watch reruns on Netflix

*You are torn between loving your classmates and wanting to be back home

*You’ve seriously considered taking (or are taking) some sort of ADHD medication or anti-anxiety medication

*You get zero male interaction. Okay, well maybe the delivery man or an older male client.

*The more you learn about different disorders, the more you think you might have one.

*Dollar bins are THE BEST.

*You think this is funny

*If you go to a different school than your undergrad, you have ZERO school spirit.

*You spend half of your measly graduate assistant income on lamination and velcro

*You could have an entire conversation with your classmates using abbreviations

*You test if your outfits are clinic appropriate by kung fu fighting and rolling on the floor

*You collect children’s books and board games

*You feel constant pressure to pursue a PhD and do a thesis

Isn’t being in SLP graduate school fun?! Did I miss anything?! Let me know!

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3 Comment

  1. Reply
    February 12, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    I feel no pressure to do a PhD! 🙂 Grad school is amazing.
    * You have a (mental) nickname for everyone in class, and know everyone pretty much by personality.
    * You have higher awareness when watching TV about speech rate, intelligibility and dialects.
    * Every time you buy a new toy or material, you tell yourself it’s okay because you can write it off your taxes.
    * You keep wondering how exactly you can are going to keep track of all those receipts for materials you buy.
    * You have worksheets galore for all areas of language.
    *CamScanner is your best friend, it has definitely become mine!

    1. Reply
      February 12, 2013 at 10:26 PM

      Haha yes!!! Thanks for adding 🙂 These are great!

  2. Reply
    February 13, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Finished grad school many years ago, but find that almost all are still pertinent!

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