5 big mistakes I made as a new slp

UPDATE 2022: I wrote this post with the biggest SLP mistakes I made as a new SLP years ago, but when I reread it, I find myself forgetting and making some of the same mistakes over again. We all just want to do our very best for our students and sometimes we need repeated reminders […]

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5 BIG Mistakes I Made As a New SLP

The very nature of being an SLP makes setting priorities and staying on task particularly challenging. In the school environment, an SLP’s day is segmented into 15, 30, or other relatively small segments of time spent in therapy. You might spend 15 minutes running articulation drills and practice for a small group and then find […]

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Managing Work Priorities As a Super Busy SLP

So, what’s work life balance all about, anyway? What’s work life balance? Work-life balance is the idea that healthy individuals should set boundaries on work so they can live a full life. It’s about making time for activities outside of work, like families, hobbies, and other pursuits. It’s about managing stress and feeling renewed. Supposedly, […]

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What’s Work Life Balance and Where Can I Get Some?

Have you read Atomic Habits, yet? Written by James Clear, there is a ton of simple, straight-forward information about how to start new habits and get rid of bad ones. After all, small habits build over time and bring us closer to our goals! One key idea in the book is the importance of automating […]

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Automate Your Job For a Free Mind and Productivity Gains

I asked other SLPs on Instagram how they make the best use of their summer! Combined with things I’ve tried and their responses, I gathered a list of 10 ideas for your summer bucket list! My Summer Bucket List Ideas Travel! Go somewhere new, even if it’s camping somewhere nearby for a weekend. Prep larger […]

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10 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List – for SLPs

productivity tips

Need some productivity tips? People are losing their ability to focus due to the distraction heavy culture we live in today. In the past decade or so, I’ve learned a ton about productivity. I’ve almost gotten obsessed with it at times due to necessity. While getting my undergrad degree, I worked nearly full time for […]

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Productivity Tips and Tricks for SLPs

Note: This blog post was adapted from content I share out in my SLP Thrive email series to help you increase your SLP job satisfaction. It’s free to sign up and you’ll get an email every Sunday (for an entire year!) all about strategies I use to truly thrive at work! I share paperwork tips, […]

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Musings on Passion, Dream Jobs, and Realistic Expectations

My summer has been flying by over here. I can’t believe it’s mid-July already! I’ve been doing more reading this summer than I’ve ever done before and I’m loving it. I thought I’d share out some of my favorites so far, my top recommendations, and some that are still on my reading list for the […]

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SLP Reading List – Summer 2018

I added another wonderful freebie to my exclusive email subscriber freebie library and wanted to let you know all know! It’s a 30-day gratitude calendar that includes 1 prompt each day. Some of the prompts are directly related to gratitude while others will hopefully just get you thinking about things that are positive or bring […]

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Free Gratitude Challenge: 30 days for SLPs

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden