The Graduate School application process

How hard is it to get into speech pathology for graduate school? It can be pretty competitive! There are people out there who will say you need a 4.0 GPA, stellar recommendations, killer GREs, and lots of valuable experience to be considered. But, to be honest, I wasn’t a perfect candidate! I’m here to tell […]

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How Hard Is It to Get into Speech Pathology? Easier with my tips!

free speech therapy apps for SLPs title on ipad

Bargain-hunting SLPs will love these free speech therapy apps! So you got a new iPad? It’s all very exciting because you’ve heard so many great things about using it in therapy, right? But now what?! This is exactly how I felt when I got my iPad. I was a poor graduate student who honestly couldn’t […]

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23 Must Have FREE Speech Therapy Apps

story creator app for speech therapy

The Story Creator App!! I originally got this app when I was a poor grad student with a brand new iPad. But, I think that only made me a better critic! 😉 I know your speech therapy dollars have to really stretch, so why not take advantage of a free, open-ended, highly versatile tool?! Story […]

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The award for my favorite app so far is….

Thanks to a reader comment on this post, I decided to show each of my folders so you can see all of my apps and how they are organized! I promise to keep this page updated to the best of my ability. AAC: Talk Touch, TapToTalk, Choiceworks Aphasia: All of the Lingraphica apps (just look […]

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My iPad Apps

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden