Want some easy no prep therapy ideas you can use with a variety of kids and groups? Look no further! These fun ideas are nearly material-less and most involve movement to keep our students engaged! ⬇️ 📝 Sticky Synonyms: Write words on a white board that have relatively easy synonyms. Write those synonyms on Post-It […]

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5 Easy and Free No Prep Therapy Ideas

early describing and categories for speech therapy

Why do we work on categories in speech therapy? Describing? Attributes? How do we target categories and describing in speech therapy? What are some good measurable goals to track progress? I’m glad you asked! Why We Work on Categories in Speech Therapy   There are two ways to describe how we learn vocabulary, or semantics. Fast […]

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Categories + Word Associations, Vocabulary

Categories, Describing, & More: The Why’s and How’s in Speech Therapy

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden