194 of my favorite TPT freebies for SLPs

Are you on the hunt for some free speech therapy materials?? Who isn’t?! Speech therapists aren’t exactly being overpaid and sometimes something new helps breathe life into the therapy plan. Now, I’ll be honest, my favorite products are large, versatile, all-encompassing mega units that last me a whole year, like my cycles for phonology product, my […]

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194+ of my Favorite FREE Speech Therapy Materials!

WH questions in speech therapy come up a lot! They’re really functional and seem to be easily noticed as a weakness by teachers and parents. I wanted to share a few thoughts when targeting WH questions as well as a few of my favorite resources for targeting WH questions at a variety of language levels. […]

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5 Activities to Work on WH Questions in Speech Therapy

Get ready for a simple wh question visual trick for a fun splash of color in your therapy sessions! So many of the kids I’ve worked with have difficulty with wh questions in some form. I remember working with an AAC client in my grad school clinic. We were answering comprehension questions about books. It […]

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Wh Question Visual: Cheap, Fast, and Easy!

wh questions with real pictures

I work with students ages 3 through 2nd grade. I feel like I target WH questions every single day (probably because I do!). I made these awesome grab and go WH question materials using real pictures. Check it out! This packet targets who, what, when, and where questions. Each card has 2 picture choices. There are […]

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WH Questions with Real Pictures

If you follow my blog or store, you might know that one of my bestselling items is my WH Questions Interactive Binder. I personally use it almost every day for a large variety of targets. Lately I’ve had an influx of kiddos with goals for answering “what doing” questions or identifying actions/verbs in pictures. I […]

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WH Questions Interactive Binder 2

So many kiddos have WH question goals… in some form or another. The ability to answer WH questions is important, in all settings: school, home, in conversation, etc… I knew this, but I always wondered how to teach WH questions without feeling like I was testing the kiddo. I didn’t want to repeat the question […]

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Teaching WH Questions

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden