Are you ready for 70 printable or digital describing pictures for speech therapy with real pictures? Check out my One Sheet Real Picture Describing for Speech Therapy packet! Enjoy no-brainer speech therapy with high quality photographs (perfect for color printing, digital materials, and teletherapy), plus helpful visuals to maximize your students’ success. Not ready to […]

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Must Have Describing Pictures, Visuals, Worksheets And More!

I’ve switched around jobs a couple of times since graduation. I’ve worked with a variety of ages and levels, however I always seem to be targeting object function in one way or another.  All of my students do better, learn faster, and grasp concepts more thoroughly when I use visuals. I wanted to share a […]

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Elementary School, Language, Middle School

Teaching Object Function with Visuals

Social skills visuals are vital for teaching conversation skills! Check out my 24 visual focus sheets to promote and develop pragmatic language abilities and self-reflection! This school year, I’m lucky enough to have 2 social groups. However, due to the reality of scheduling, not all of my students working on social skills were able to […]

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Materials, Social Skills

Social Skills Visuals

Recently, I felt like I had an influx of students who were finally stimulable on some new sounds and needed to move from sounds in isolation to VC and CV syllables! Yay! Except… I suddenly had an incredibly difficult time getting them to produce these sounds when combined with a vowel in syllables. Here’s my […]

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Moving from Sounds in Isolation to VC and CV Syllables!

Check out my free speech sound cue cards! I LOVE visuals. All day, every day, it is all about visuals! I needed a way to organize cards to help my students with apraxia or articulation goals sooo I made these. I love how they turned out and now I use them every day! Plus bonus, […]

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Speech Sound Cue Cards Freebie

I don’t know about you, but I work with A TON of beginner communicators who benefit from the use of AAC. I kept finding that I was spending so much time on making visuals for commenting and requesting. I wanted a way to expand the length and type of utterances my kiddos used so I […]

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Teach Commenting, Asking, and Answering Questions to AAC Users

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden