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What is receptive language? Receptive language is how we understand that language input we receive. Basically, receptive language is comprehension. Imagine if you lost your voice. You would still be able to understand when people talk to you, you just wouldn’t be able to verbally communicate your thoughts (which is “expressive language”). Some children may […]

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What is Receptive Language and 8 Activities to help!

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Basic concepts are a great place to start with preschool speech therapy! Preschool Language Binder for Basic Concepts in Speech Therapy Whew! Running preschool speech therapy sessions can be so rewarding, but overwhelming! I feel all of these things when I’m working with preschoolers: They have so many needs! Where do I even start? How […]

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Powerful Preschool Targets: Temporal, Spatial, and More Basic Concepts

For some reason, I find myself constantly running out of activities to target following directions. Especially activities that can be used year round! I recently implemented centers in several of my groups and love having an “app station” for students to use my iPad. Enter in Seasonal Directions, a great app that I’ve used a […]

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Seasonal Directions App Review

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden