If you are looking for speech therapy materials with inferencing picture scenes using evidence-based strategies, make sure to check out my Inferencing and Predicting Using Real Pictures for Speech Therapy. It includes 100 real life picture card scenarios that allow you to provide effective, direct teaching on how to make inferences from picture scenes (also available […]

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Real World Inferencing for Deducting, Problem Solving, And Comprehension

solve it game for casue and effect, predictions, inferencings, deductive reasoning

  Students who have a hard time with socials are probably having a hard time with cause and effect. It’s hard for them to see how their actions might impact others (perspective taking). It can also be hard to make predictions about what could happen next. It might be a challenge for our students to […]

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Tackle Problem Solving with Cause and Effect!

Update 2021: At Speechy Musings, we are always looking to have the best resources available for SLPs. We are constantly updating and improving our store and resources we sell to make your therapy the best it can be. The SLP journey is a process. Over the years, we’ve honed our therapy as we’ve learned more […]

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Where Do We Belong? An Activity for Problem Solving Skills!

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden