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As SLPs, we don’t have a lot of time to create a lesson plan for speech therapy sessions. In grad school, you might have spent hours planning for a one hour session with one student. Maybe you even had to write up your detailed plans, with several back-up ideas ready for the easily bored child. […]

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Lesson Plan for Speech Therapy: My SIMPLE Process

What are spatial concepts? Spatial concepts, or spatial relationships, describe an object’s location, important concepts for speech therapy. In grammar-land, we call these words prepositions. Examples include: over under next to between in out Students with language impairments may struggle with understanding spatial concepts, both receptively and expressively. Kids who don’t understand these concepts will […]

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Spatial Concepts: Hands On Games, Activities, Worksheets, and More!

Are you ready for 70 printable or digital describing pictures for speech therapy with real pictures? Check out my One Sheet Real Picture Describing for Speech Therapy packet! Enjoy no-brainer speech therapy with high quality photographs (perfect for color printing, digital materials, and teletherapy), plus helpful visuals to maximize your students’ success. Not ready to […]

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Must Have Describing Pictures, Visuals, Worksheets And More!

Need quick therapy materials targeting affixes or root words? Then you need my Prefix and Suffix Activities for Speech Therapy – Morphological Awareness packet! With over 200 clean, well-designed worksheets, targeting 50 prefixes and suffixes, you’ll get an entire year’s worth of therapy! Read on for more information about why we target affixes, plus goal […]

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Time-Saving Ways to Target Affixes in Therapy

Are you in need of visuals for Hedbanz, Jeepers Peepers, and 20 Questions? I've created a set of interactive game visuals for games like these! This post describes my inspiration in creating these game visuals and why I think they're necessary for inferencing games like these ones.

If you’re anything like me, you love using inferencing and guessing games like Hedbanz, Jeepers Peepers, and 20 Questions in your speech and language therapy. These games are fantastic but were a little tricky for some of my more language impaired students. I made these visuals and they changed everything! Check them out below. When […]

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Visuals for Hedbanz, Jeepers Peepers, and 20 Questions for Speech Therapy

Update 2021:  At Speechy Musings, we are always looking to have the best resources available for SLPs. We are constantly updating and improving our store and resources we sell to make your therapy the best it can be. The SLP journey is a process. Over the years, we’ve honed our therapy as we’ve learned more […]

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Superhero Silly Sentence Formulation

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden