speech therapy resources for parents and home practice

Parents, if you have found this blog looking for resources for parents help their child practice their speech therapy goals at home, thank you for wanting to be part of the team! I have some great products that are perfect for home practice, depending on your child’s goals. I highly recommend that you reach out […]

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Simple Resources for Parents for an Unstoppable Speech Team

My school district is very purposeful and intentional about their use of homework and I’ve tried to follow their same policies! This means I don’t give homework for the majority of my caseload other than family recommendations or strategies. But, I always want the families I work with to feel knowledgeable and comfortable with what […]

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Therapy Ideas

Homework Labels for Speech Therapy

easy summer speech and language therapy homework ideas

This year, I’m sending home speech and language bags with each student on my caseload. The kids have helped put them together for the past week or so and are incredibly invested in the idea! Check out what I put in each bag below. {articulation} My articulation bags were SO easy. To assemble them, I […]

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Articulation, Language, Materials, Therapy Ideas

EASY Speech Therapy Homework

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden