language sample analysis charts

Language sample analysis is really critical when initially evaluating and even monitoring progress, but they can be tedious and slow! If you read my previous post, you are going to love this update (12/2021) with even more helpful tips!!   I’ve got info on how to quickly get language samples through using hacks on Microsoft […]

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Language Sample Analysis in 4 Easy Steps

There are a few different ways to tackle your speech therapy lesson plan strategy – from the detailed lesson plans we created back in grad school (remember spending hours of prep time on one session for one kid???) to the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants no plan that creeps out, especially during busy paperwork times of the year. As […]

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Ultimate 4 Week Speech Therapy Lesson Plan Routine

Teaching /r/ can be tricky! If you’re looking for some quick /r/ articulation lists, check out my systematic, super functional high-frequency /r/ packet! This resource will help you target words your students actually use like “really” and “are” instead of random, noun-based targets like “rooster” or “monster”. It includes printables to target R in isolation, […]

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Tools and Techniques for Eliciting /R/ in Articulation Therapy

WH questions in speech therapy come up a lot! They’re really functional and seem to be easily noticed as a weakness by teachers and parents. I wanted to share a few thoughts when targeting WH questions as well as a few of my favorite resources for targeting WH questions at a variety of language levels. […]

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5 Activities to Work on WH Questions in Speech Therapy

Social skills generalization is critically important, especially if you notice that your lessons on social skills aren't translating to the lunchroom and the playground for your students. Learn more about how to make social skills instruction active in real time and applicable for your students.

This is a fabulous guest blog post about social skills generalization by: Sher DeGenova MA CCC-SLP When I first started teaching social skills generalization 10 years ago, I followed in the footsteps of many special education staff before me and focused on game-playing.  My students learned the rules of Headbanz, Pirate Talk, Snail Pace Race, […]

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Social Skills Generalization – At Recess, Lunch and More!

I realized quickly after starting as an SLP that language skills and executive functioning skills are incredibly intertwined. Since then, I’ve purchased several books, attended countless webinars, and tried tons of strategies with my students.  After lots of trial and error, I’ve found a few strategies to be effective and simple enough to teach to […]

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Simple Tips for Executive Functioning Skills in Therapy

While most research and discussion of AAC implementation skips straight to modeling, I like to start at the most basic skill of all: access. Access means that an AAC system needs to be with the student and accessible AT ALL TIMES. I don’t want to minimize the difficulty of access. For some of our students, […]

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Tips for Keeping AAC Devices Out and Used!

Speech therapy for stuttering is a whole different ball game and expert SLP Stephen is ready to show us how! This blog posts was written by Stephen Groner. He’s an SLP and a person who stutters. He has an amazing website (and Instagram page!) filled with tons of tips for SLPs who work with students […]

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Top 3 Mistakes SLPs Make With Students Who Stutter

I recently released an entire line of no-prep articulation worksheets. The thing that differentiated these worksheets from other resources already out there is that they utilize high frequency words. What are high frequency words? High frequency words are the ones that we say frequently day to day. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on using […]

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Using High Frequency Words in Articulation Therapy

For the past couple of years, I’ve really loved printing various visual supports for my therapy sessions onto Post It notes. They’re great because I can stick them in student notebooks, directly onto assignments, and they’re disposable! This hack helps me keep my therapy material organization simple and organized for each student. I’ve gotten a […]

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Printing Speech Therapy Visuals on Post It Notes

This is a guest blog post, written by Kelly Hoover. Kelly Hoover is an educational therapist and professional development director for Ascend SMARTER Intervention, a structured literacy curriculum designed to close the gap for struggling or dyslexic readers. Did you know that our brains are not wired to read!? There are specific areas of the […]

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Why Literacy Development is More Complicated Than You Thought!

sensory tools in speech therapy

SLPs can’t ignore the sensory needs of our speech therapy students! If we want our kids to be able to progress, we should make sure they are in the optimal zone of arousal. This means they shouldn’t be overstimulated or understimulated and are well-regulated. We can make sure to help our kids arrive at the […]

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Sensory Tools in Speech Therapy: Keeping Little Movers FOCUSED

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden