Superfight the game has been a big addition to my secondary speech therapy for middle schoolers. Oh middle school… There is so much distrust at this age, especially at the beginning of the school year. So many of my students don’t want to come, get embarrassed, or are just “over” speech by this age. I […]

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Using SuperFight the Game in Speech and Language Therapy

When I found out about this app, I could not have been more excited to try it out with my students. I had two groups in mind right away because we’ve been using the Social Detective vocabulary and the Should I or Shouldn’t I? game for a while now. I’ve slowly been trying to build […]

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Social Detective Intermediate App Review

The longer I’m in this field, the more I realize I just love complete curriculums and their addition to my arsenal of “tools”. I love how they are consistent for my students year to year and provide such a complete way to target a skill. Braidy the Storybraid is one of the most useful tools you […]

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Braidy the StoryBraid® Kit – A Review

Every December I get way too excited to pick out next year’s planner. I am weird about my planner and pretty much carry it with me everywhere! I have not at all adapted to having an electronic calendar and still write every single thing down. Erin Condren Planners for SLPs I wanted to share my […]

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Erin Condren Planners for SLPs

The Big Book of Exclamations is a book that every SLP needs to have in their therapy room! It's especially helpful for SLPs who work with kids in birth to 3, and it's a great resource to show parents. You'll absolutely love this book!

I love using books in therapy! If my kiddos would let me, I could use books, books, books for everything. Unfortunately, books are a really difficult thing for some of my kiddos, especially my birth to 3 aged ones. I heard about this book and knew I needed to get it! The Big Book of Exclamations […]

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The Big Book of Exclamations – Review

You know what really grinds my gears? Hearing professionals say that a student no longer needs intervention and services because “they know it all, they just refuse to use it” regarding things like organization, impulse control, regulation, and social skills. SO many of our students struggle with executive functioning difficulties in addition to their speech […]

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Executive Functioning in Speech Therapy

Dr. Eureka is a relatively new game from Blue Orange Games. You can use it in your speech and language therapy room to not only target various speech and language skills but to also target motor planning and fine motor skills. It was a hit with my students, and I'm sure it will be a hit with yours, too! Read my Dr. Eureka game review in this post.

Blue Orange Games makes some really fantastic games – think Spot It! I love using games in therapy and was thrilled when they asked if I could check out one of their newest games – Dr. Eureka. I was lucky to get it for the end of the school year, right when my kiddos were […]

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Dr. Eureka Game Review

Update 2021: It looks like these subscription boxes for SLPs aren’t available anymore. It was a fun idea though! At Speechy Musings, we are always looking to have the best resources available for SLPs. We are constantly updating and improving our store and resources we sell to make your therapy the best it can be. The […]

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Subscription Boxes for SLPs – From 3D SLP

  AAC Language Lab: lesson plans and materials? Too good to be true? It’s not! AAC is one of my biggest passions in this field. I love, love, love it. However, I like to mass lesson plan each week. I plan a minimal number of activities and try to use them with the majority of my […]

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AAC Language Lab Review

If you’re a follower of Speechy Musings, you know that I recently switched to a school setting. I primarily work with students up to grade 2 and have a TON of students with phonology disorders. I worked for 1 week at the school before heading out to Costa Rica. Rough life, I know. I was […]

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Cycles for Phonology: Assessment, Setting Up, Progress Monitoring, & Intervention

For some reason, I find myself constantly running out of activities to target following directions. Especially activities that can be used year round! I recently implemented centers in several of my groups and love having an “app station” for students to use my iPad. Enter in Seasonal Directions, a great app that I’ve used a […]

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Seasonal Directions App Review

“The dreaded ‘r’.” I hear this phrase almost daily from SLPs – in person, in forums, from my friends, from everybody. Why is ‘r’ so hard? I like to tell parents of the kiddos that I work with that there are SO many variations of ‘r’! If you feel this way, you definitely need to […]

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R Made Simple Review and Giveaway

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

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