When we think about an All About Me theme, we might first think about preschool classrooms, but really, anytime we get a new student, it’s important to learn about them! We want our students to know that we care about them, so we have to get to know them first! There are lots of materials […]

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“All About Me” Theme: A Fresh Look at a Classic

common core standards to align to iep goals

What is common core and does it matter to school-based SLPs? Read on for more information about standards and supporting materials that can help make it all a lot easier for you! What is the Common Core? The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of grade specific skills and concepts designed to align […]

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Ultimate Guide to Common Core & Speech Therapy

early describing and categories for speech therapy

Why do we work on categories in speech therapy? Describing? Attributes? How do we target categories and describing in speech therapy? What are some good measurable goals to track progress? I’m glad you asked! Why We Work on Categories in Speech Therapy   There are two ways to describe how we learn vocabulary, or semantics. Fast […]

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Categories, Describing, & More: The Why’s and How’s in Speech Therapy

spatial concepts digital speech therapy activity on iPad boom cards

Update 2022: I released a new sentence sliders product, just for tackling spatial concepts! If you want to learn more about this new product, just for tackling these concepts, scroll down! What are spatial concepts? Spatial concepts, or spatial relationships, describe an object’s location, important concepts for speech therapy. In grammar-land, we call these words […]

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Spatial Concepts: Hands On Games, Activities, Worksheets, and More!

shannon loves the cycles approach for speech therapy

Are you struggling with articulation therapy students and ready to get started with the cycles approach for speech therapy? I was in that same place once, which is why I made my Cycles for Phonology Toolkit! Let me share what I learned and how I decide who is a good fit for this approach, assess, […]

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Cycles Approach for Speech Therapy: Everything You Wanted to Know

194 of my favorite TPT freebies for SLPs

Are you on the hunt for some free speech therapy materials?? Who isn’t?! Speech therapists aren’t exactly being overpaid and sometimes something new helps breathe life into the therapy plan. Now, I’ll be honest, my favorite products are large, versatile, all-encompassing mega units that last me a whole year, like my cycles for phonology product, my […]

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194+ of my Favorite FREE Speech Therapy Materials!

10 wordless picture books for slps

In case you don’t know, wordless picture books are one of the most versatile, useful materials you can have for speech therapy! I’ve worked in 3 different settings since graduation. This has turned me into a material hoarder as there are very few materials that are appropriate for all of the children I’ve worked with! […]

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10 Best Wordless Picture Books for Speech and Language Therapy

I originally made my one sheet printable speech therapy worksheets (One Sheet Language Lessons – No Prep Speech Therapy Printables) to help me with my middle school caseload. Then, due to popular demand, I made a set for lower language levels too (One Sheet Lower Level Language Lessons – No Prep Speech Therapy Printables)! Read […]

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Time Saving All in One Speech Therapy Worksheets

receptive language menu

What is receptive language? Receptive language is how we understand that language input we receive. Basically, receptive language is comprehension. Imagine if you lost your voice. You would still be able to understand when people talk to you, you just wouldn’t be able to verbally communicate your thoughts (which is “expressive language”). Some children may […]

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What is Receptive Language and 8 Activities to help!

Middle school (and high school) speech therapy activities can be hard to find, but I’ve got you! Middle school has a mixed reputation. I know some SLPs are intimidated by teenage attitudes, or aren’t sure what to work on once the basics have been covered. Some of these middle schoolers and high schoolers have been […]

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Middle School Speech Therapy Activities: 10 Best Picks

Today’s topic is all about speech sound therapy! I’m going to share how I structure my therapy, stay organized, and think about service delivery for students who are working on targeted speech sounds or phonological processes. Below are my top 5 tips: Drill, drill, drill. I often ask myself, “What activity would make drill fun for this […]

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Speech Sound Therapy: Get Organized and Structure Your Sessions

These interactive books have been a lifesaver for me in my therapy! I’ve been trying to put a greater emphasis on using books in my therapy sessions. You can target SO much with them and they are a totally age appropriate skill for many of my kiddos. BUT, book companion packs (while great) are seriously […]

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Interactive Adapted Books: So Easy And So Good!

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden