194 of my favorite TPT freebies for SLPs

Are you on the hunt for some free speech therapy materials?? Who isn’t?! Speech therapists aren’t exactly being overpaid and sometimes something new helps breathe life into the therapy plan. Now, I’ll be honest, my favorite products are large, versatile, all-encompassing mega units that last me a whole year, like my¬†cycles for phonology product, my […]

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194+ of my Favorite FREE Speech Therapy Materials!

language sample analysis charts

Language sample analysis is really critical when initially evaluating and even monitoring progress, but they can be tedious and slow! If you read my previous post, you are going to love this update (12/2021) with even more helpful tips!!   I’ve got info on how to quickly get language samples through using hacks on Microsoft […]

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Language Sample Analysis in 4 Easy Steps

free speech therapy apps for SLPs title on ipad

Bargain-hunting SLPs will love these free speech therapy apps! So you got a new iPad? It’s all very exciting because you’ve heard so many great things about using it in therapy, right? But now what?! This is exactly how I felt when I got my iPad. I was a poor graduate student who honestly couldn’t […]

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23 Must Have FREE Speech Therapy Apps

The speech therapy IEP – an important part of the job, but can take a lot of time! One of my biggest job “hacks” for saving time is cutting down on time spent doing paperwork. If I stay organized and streamline the process, things go much smoother. When I learned to cut the time I […]

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Make Your Own Speech Therapy IEP Cheat Sheet

figurative language stories worksheets

In need of some quick short stories for metaphors, idioms, and similes? Check out my FREE Figurative Language Stories, with 17 short stories worksheets ready to print-and-go! I’ve talked before about figurative language – specifically why and how we target idioms in speech therapy. If you’re looking for some free materials to get you started, […]

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17 FREE Short Stories Full of Figurative Language!

k words cookie game on ipad

Looking for cute, FREE resources featuring /k/ words? Check out this fun product for 26 pages of /k/ words for speech therapy! In order to celebrate nearing the end of my first semester, I’m posting a free articulation game! I made it for a current client of mine who is working on /k/. I sent […]

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/k/ Words Cookie Articulation Game

Don’t you just love playing the two truths and a lie game? It’s a quick and easy way to get to know our students a little better. Plus, it opens up a lot of opportunities to talk about non-verbal cues, as well as sometimes saying things that shouldn’t be taken literally. I’m always in need […]

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Two Truths and a Lie – With a FREE Printable!

Enjoy this fun twist on a children’s classic: If You Give an SLP a Cookie! A day in a life of a school SLP is so much more than running therapy sessions all day! While you’re working on organizing and optimizing your time, I hope you find this an enjoyable break: If You Give an […]

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If You Give An SLP A Cookie…

I added another wonderful freebie to my exclusive email subscriber freebie library and wanted to let you know all know! It’s a 30-day gratitude calendar that includes 1 prompt each day. Some of the prompts are directly related to gratitude while others will hopefully just get you thinking about things that are positive or bring […]

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Free Gratitude Challenge: 30 days for SLPs

This semester I’m trying to revamp how I take and keep data! To do this, I searched and searched through Teachers Pay Teachers for data sheets by other SLPs! Always great when you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I found tons and tons of great, FREE data sheets and thought I’d share my collection […]

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FREE Data Sheets Round-Up

data collection organization sheet

SLP data collection and organization is critical, whether you are a digital or paper-based kind of SLP! I’ve tried to move most of my data collection and caseload management to a digital platform to cut back on paper and clutter, but I know lots of SLPs work best when they have paper data. Sometimes it’s […]

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SLP Data Collection Techniques and Organization

Therapy data collection is often a pain in the rear, but it doesn't have to be! I've created a therapy data collection cheat sheet for FREE for you! Sign up for me newsletter to get your free copy now!

Do you ever get data in uneven totals? Like your student said 7/18 articulation words correct and you’re stuck wondering what percentage that is? Do you want a more consistent, objective way to measure minimal vs moderate vs maximal cueing? Do you wish you were better at recording what types of cues your students are […]

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For SLPs, Freebies

Speech and Language Therapy Data Collection Cheat Sheet

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