supplies for speech therapy crafts

Younger children (think preschool through 2nd or 3rd grade) love speech therapy crafts! After all, hands-on activities are super engaging for wiggly young learners. For my older students, I definitely believe in focused and targeted practice, then generalizing to classroom materials. But younger kids learn through play – play is school for them! If you’re […]

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Quick and Easy Speech Therapy Crafts Are Effective and Fun!

If you’re looking for spring speech therapy activities, you’ve come to the right place! My Spring Speech Therapy Lesson Plans product was designed to be everything you need for speech therapy! This theme based packet includes fun books, crafts, and activities to target all of your speech and language goals! Activities for Speech Therapy Sometimes […]

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All the Spring Speech Therapy Activities You Need!

shannon loves the cycles approach for speech therapy

Are you struggling with articulation therapy students and ready to get started with the cycles approach for speech therapy? I was in that same place once, which is why I made my Cycles for Phonology Toolkit! Let me share what I learned and how I decide who is a good fit for this approach, assess, […]

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Cycles Approach for Speech Therapy: Everything You Wanted to Know

10 wordless picture books for slps

In case you don’t know, wordless picture books are one of the most versatile, useful materials you can have for speech therapy! I’ve worked in 3 different settings since graduation. This has turned me into a material hoarder as there are very few materials that are appropriate for all of the children I’ve worked with! […]

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10 Best Wordless Picture Books for Speech and Language Therapy

I originally made my one sheet printable speech therapy worksheets (One Sheet Language Lessons – No Prep Speech Therapy Printables) to help me with my middle school caseload. Then, due to popular demand, I made a set for lower language levels too (One Sheet Lower Level Language Lessons – No Prep Speech Therapy Printables)! Read […]

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Time Saving All in One Speech Therapy Worksheets

If you are looking for winter speech therapy activities, you’ll love my Winter Speech Therapy SLP Lesson Plans, including crafts, play-based activities, and book recommendations for literacy! Get ready to feel like an organized AND fun SLP! SLP Lesson Plans There is nothing more satisfying than having a solid SLP lesson plan ready to go […]

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Everything You Need For 12 Winter Speech Therapy Themes: Activities And More!

I’ll be honest you guys… these fall lesson plans product nearly killed me. I think it definitely took the longest to make of anything in my store! I enlisted help from both my brother and my boyfriend to make sure it was finished before I went on vacation… and it was! Phew! If you work […]

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Speech and Language Therapy Fall Lesson Plans

Need quick therapy prefixes and suffixes worksheets and activities? Then you need my Prefix and Suffix Activities for Speech Therapy – Morphological Awareness packet, with everything you need to target affixes, root words, and help your students’ vocabulary growth! With over 200 clean, well-designed worksheets, targeting 50 prefixes and suffixes, you’ll get an entire year’s […]

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Time-Saving Ways to Target Prefixes and Suffixes in Therapy

If you need vocabulary activities, strategies, and ideas for speech therapy, you’ve come to the right place! Check out my: Vocabulary Worksheets for Speech Therapy (100 vocabulary words! Print-and-go, one-sheet, no-prep vocabulary worksheets that use REAL pictures, available in digital format as well for teletherapy/virtual therapy) Upper Level Vocabulary Worksheets (100 academically-relevant vocabulary words, simple, […]

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Activities, Goals, And More: Everything You Need For Vocabulary Intervention

Vocabulary sheet using real pictures for speech therapy

Are you a fan of using real picture scenes for speech therapy? I love them so much that I have a whole BUNDLE of amazing Real Pictures products, featuring photographs to target narratives, inferencing and predicting, WH questions, vocabulary, describing and grammar! Photographs are an amazing way to encourage lots of expressive language in our […]

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Beautiful, Concrete, & Effective: Using REAL PICTURES in Your Materials

language sample analysis charts

Language sample analysis is really critical when initially evaluating and even monitoring progress, but they can be tedious and slow! If you read my previous post, you are going to love this update (12/2021) with even more helpful tips!!   I’ve got info on how to quickly get language samples through using hacks on Microsoft […]

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Language Sample Analysis in 4 Easy Steps

I recently released¬†an entire line of no-prep articulation worksheets. The thing that differentiated these worksheets from other resources already out there is that they utilize high frequency words. What are high frequency words? High frequency words are the ones that we say frequently day to day. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on using […]

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Using High Frequency Words in Articulation Therapy

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden