Deaf and hard-of-hearing students need language therapy just as much--if not more than--our other speech and language kiddos. This guest post shares a few tips for ways to customize your language therapy for these students so that they can succeed.

Hi, everyone! My name is Greta Abbott, and I am a school SLP in Georgia. I’m starting my 4th year as an SLP, and I have been blessed to have many diverse caseloads already! Today I want to give you some ideas and tips for increasing language skills of pre-K and elementary-age students who are […]

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Language Therapy for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

The Big Book of Exclamations is a book that every SLP needs to have in their therapy room! It's especially helpful for SLPs who work with kids in birth to 3, and it's a great resource to show parents. You'll absolutely love this book!

The Big Book of Exclamations is a book written by an SLP! I love this book, but it can be hard to find now. There is a sequel, The Big Book of Exclamations 2 that is great as well and a little easier to find! I love that it features more photo-realistic pictures with diverse […]

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The Big Book of Exclamations – Review

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden