It’s articulation assessment time! In the schools, it’s not just about the errors, but about how those sound errors are impacting the student in the classroom. Standardized Articulation Assessment I always give the GFTA-3 even though our eligibility is based more on overall intelligibility and impact anyways. I find that it’s nice to use something […]

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The Quick Guide to My Articulation Assessment Process

sample page for high frequency words for speech therapy

There are SO MANY ways to target articulation (and language!!) that don’t involve our artic kids finding words from text passages or just “focusing on their sounds” during other, unrelated activities. ⁣My favorite words for speech sound or articulation therapy are high frequency, and they can be found everywhere, all the time! New Research on […]

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Best Advice for High Frequency Words in Speech Therapy

Teaching /r/ can be tricky! If you’re looking for some quick /r/ articulation lists, check out my systematic, super functional high-frequency /r/ packet! This resource will help you target words your students actually use like “really” and “are” instead of random, noun-based targets like “rooster” or “monster”. It includes printables to target R in isolation, […]

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Tools and Techniques for Eliciting /R/ in Articulation Therapy

So you got a new iPad? It’s all very exciting because you’ve heard so many great things about using it in therapy, right? But now what?! This is exactly how I felt when I got my iPad. I’m a poor graduate student who honestly can’t afford very many popular, but expensive applications. So, I set […]

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Must Have FREE Apps for Every SLP or SLP Graduate Student

I recently released an entire line of no-prep articulation worksheets. The thing that differentiated these worksheets from other resources already out there is that they utilize high frequency words. What are high frequency words? High frequency words are the ones that we say frequently day to day. Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on using […]

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Using High Frequency Words in Articulation Therapy

There are so many amazing products on TpT, but it can get overwhelming trying to find the best of the best. I’ve compiled the best products from a variety of categories and link to all of them below. Hopefully this helps narrow down your cart or helps give you some ideas of new products to […]

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Best of SLPs on TpT – 2017 Edition

Articulation News is one of my newest products, and believe it or not, it's a perfect fit for both articulation and language students. This resource of chockfull of worksheets and games that will reach your students in a variety of ways and help them find success in learning and practicing speech and language skills.

One of my first products on Teachers Pay Teachers was Articulation Menus, a fun way to generalize articulation skills and incorporate language skills – perfect for mixed groups. I used that resource all of the time until I decided I needed something similar to mix things up a bit. I came up with Articulation News […]

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Articulation News

Have you been wishing for an articulation card game to add to your speech room? These articulation playing cards are exactly what you've been wishing for!

Ever wish you could play card games in speech while targeting articulation skills? Now you can! I made these versatile articulation playing card decks so you can play games like Go Fish, War, Crazy Eights, or even Memory – all with one deck! These cards are so versatile, you can even use them like normal […]

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Articulation Playing Cards

Because I couldn't find anything I loved, I decided to create this resource of book lists by speech sound. It breaks down books for 22 different sounds! There are six books for each sound, so this is a loaded freebie for your speech and language therapy room!

I love using children’s books in therapy! They are so easy to use for language goals. I always found myself needing a list of picture books sorted by speech sound. I couldn’t find anything I loved so I made my own. I recently updated the list and know you’ll love it too! This download contains […]

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Book Lists by Speech Sound

This year, I’m sending home speech and language bags with each student on my caseload. The kids have helped put them together for the past week or so and are incredibly invested in the idea! Check out what I put in each bag below. {articulation} My articulation bags were SO easy. To assemble them, I […]

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EASY Speech and Language Summer Homework

Are you ready for some more speech therapy activities for the R sound? For me, finding targets and activities for articulation at the word and sentence level is fairly easy. I can do a lot with flashcards! Things get more tricky when looking for fun activities that get in lots of trials at the structured […]

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Speech Therapy for R sound: Articulation Menus

Recently, I felt like I had an influx of students who were finally stimulable on some new sounds and needed to move from sounds in isolation to VC and CV syllables! Yay! Except… I suddenly had an incredibly difficult time getting them to produce these sounds when combined with a vowel in syllables. Here’s my […]

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Moving from Sounds in Isolation to VC and CV Syllables!

a good system shortens the road to the goal.

- orlson marden