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Musings on Passion, Dream Jobs, and Realistic Expectations

  1. Dan Fitch says:


    Thanks for the inspirational post- I think we all need to look at the expectations we put on ourselves. I continue to be shocked when I see the caseloads that some of our colleagues carry- and they do it with a smile (sometimes!). My caseload is not a big one, but it is a tough one. I love each one of those kids and I know this: there will always be good days and rough days. You make an awesome point about gratitude- so I say this: I remember that I am grateful for the rough days because they still have things we can take away and learn from. “Sunshine all the time makes a desert”- in a weird way, I like rough days and mistakes because we can still grow from challenge. Thanks again for being real about expectations- my hope is that other professionals can take your advice and grow too.

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