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Using Pixar Shorts for Social Emotional Learning

  1. Corie says:

    This is a great idea! My students would LOVE watching video clips!

  2. Great post, I love using Pixar and other movie clips for social language too! The short “Piper” is my latest favorite 🙂

  3. Kirk says:

    I wish you provided more concrete examples, such as a step by step lesson plan, instead of just a few examples with no elaboration. This is the problem with many blogs I come across when working under time-constraints. I’ve always thought that video should be used more frequently than text in this day and age, but I’m lost on how to specifically use this medium in a group setting.

    • Shannon says:

      Hi Kirk! I’m sorry this post wasn’t helpful for you! It was a guest blog post, written by another SLP who took her time to share something that worked for her in therapy. I’m always open to feedback and ideas for future posts, so if you have specific questions about using video in speech and language therapy, feel free to email me. I obviously cannot edit or add to this post, however would be happy to email you more specific examples or share another post in the future that includes more of what you’re looking for! Thanks again for your feedback!

  4. Kathrine O'Donnell says:

    Can’t seem to get a link on the films. Did they active link go away?

    • Shannon says:

      This was a guest post but a different author (not myself) but to me, it looks like there aren’t many links. The names of the videos used are listed so I”d recommend just searching for those videos (e.g., “For the Birds”) on YouTube! Links on YouTube can change often so this is probably the easiest way to find them! Hope that helps!

  5. Linda says:

    Do you keep a list of videos that you have used for social skills? I am always combing the internet for them-it’d be so much easier to have a list! Thank you!

  6. Gail says:

    These are great ideas. It helps me to see how to expand my current use of these short films. For the Birds is one of my regulars I go to. I use it for reading nonverbal language. Even with these birds we talk about facial expression, body language, tone of voice… there is just so much in many of these shorts. Thanks for expanding my thinking on these shorts.

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