1. Karen Reinacher says:

    I think this is a positively fabulous idea! I am really thankful for the people,that I work with. I am somgladmthatnwe all get along and treat each other as if we are family.

  2. Kim says:

    Yep, I hear ya. I’ve been working as an SLP in public schools for 23 years. Being the eternal optimist, each year I tell myself that this school year will be easier than the last. But then reality strikes and I continue to be frustrated by the demands of the educational system, and the overwhelming challenge of trying to educate others about and fix something as complex and far reaching as communication, for a large public school caseload–half of which are students with ASD. I often question if what I do is worth the demands of the job. Sometimes, it can be an effort to remain positive and motivated enough to keep doing my best everyday.
    Then, just when I think I’m ready to give up…Little things happen to keep me going. I walk into the next classroom and my students look up with anticipation, call out to me, or jump up from their seats greet me ask “Is time for speech?” with happy grins on their faces; or an administrator tells me that she learns something new from me at every meeting; or a teacher stops me in the hallway to brag about one of our non-verbal students who unexpectedly initiated communication with a new core-based communication board; or a parent tells me that my IEP input so clearly captured their child or expresses gratitude for the communication changes they are seeing at home…Sigh. It may sound corny, but I have come to realize that although I may not “fix” all my students, I can be an important source of information, acceptance and understanding, and I believe that my little successes, like those above, help to set in motion positive and real effects that go beyond the data.

  3. Judy Hale says:

    This is a great idea! I try to stay positive by making lists and just trying to get done what I can each day. I also know that every day when I get home, my big, sweet German Shepherd Dog, Sadie, will be happy to see me, and eager for a walk with me! She is a great listener and always makes me feel better after a stressful day.

  4. Jen K says:

    Love this idea! While it is important to think positively at this time of year with the holidays approaching, it is also a good thought to have all year long! I have thankful for your resources and blog as they have helped me out tremendously in my job.

    I am also thankful for Teachers Pay Teachers and the wonderful contributors that they have. Without them, I would not have the wonderful and affordable products that I use with my students.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I am especially thankfulfor all you ladies who have taken the time to develop speech and language websites! I have had the opportunity to purchase some wonderful interactive books and they have just made my life so wonderful. And the kids absolutely love them!!!! I love it. keep doing it!!!

  6. CC says:

    Love this idea! I’ll be thinking hard about awesome things about our job this break!

  7. Nancy says:

    My career as an SLP has been well-suited to my nature. I am a rather quiet, highly organized, self-directed, nurturing person. I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, but I knew I was not suited to being in large groups for extended periods of my day. Being an SLP has given the the opportunity to be creative, to have a level of independence within my role, and to work closely and meaningfully with my students.

  8. Raelynne says:

    At this time of the year, I find that my students bring me their own positivity and that will get me through to the next lull. After 19 years in public education, I still find the students to be the motivation that I need to get through, and isn’t that why I started off in this profession in the first place?

  9. Val says:

    I love this giveaway!! I think we could always use a little more positivity in our every day life 🙂

  10. This is a great idea at one of the best times of the year to do this. Its always the time we start running out of steam.

    My favorite part of my job is being a go-to person and being seen as an expert. I always say that when someone asks you for help, it’s the biggest complement they can give you.

    Today I helped a colleague write an IEP. This is her first year back in a special education position after being a general education teacher for several years, and our state forms have changed.

    Our administration decided that we didn’t need special education coordinators in house due to budget cuts, so those newer teachers who don’t know the paperwork and procedures were left high and dry.

    It’s nice to hear that when people are freaking out about something, someone says, “Don’t worry, Karen can help you with that.” I like that I’m known as a person who can solve problems.

  11. I love what I do! How exciting is it to hear a child say their first word? Where else could I be paid to be the ‘Queen’ and expose children to great literature? Each day is an adventure, yes the paperwork can be daunting, the caseload impossible but when you get that hug as a thank-you whether from a parent or a child WOW!

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