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Today, I have a really exciting review (or 3) for you all! The activities are all from Shelly over at J:K Speech. I’ve had the opportunity to use one of these activities with my kiddos and they’ve really loved it! I was lucky enough to receive three of her products, and they are all great. Below is description of all three, and overall, I would recommend each of them for your speech room! To support her further, I would encourage you to head on over and ‘like’ her on Facebook to stay posted on her new products! They are really fantastic, and so affordable! 1) Fishing for Compliments with Idioms This is a great 35-page packet targeting idioms! The point is to have your students collect as many fish for their aquariums as they can! There are also foil cards (seaweed=skip a turn, fish food= extra turn) so that makes it more fun for your kiddos! She also included a page if you want to print cards with a back on them, to make them look extra official! Below are examples of each type of card.

Draw that Idiom!
Fishing for Idioms2

Use that Idiom!
Fishing for Idioms3

Name that Idiom!
Fishing for Idioms4

Correct that Idiom!
Fishing for Idioms5

Don’t you LOVE how many way there are to play? The graphics are great and it is different than many of the other idiom activities I’ve seen before! Below is a list of the idioms that are targeted in this activity: Fishing for Idioms1

If you could use this in your speech room, you can find it in her TpT Store here. 2) Super Language! Super Language is the first thing I printed after receiving these products! It is SO cute and motivating. Additionally, it can be used to target MANY language targets including pronouns, possessives, and WH questions. This is one of my favorite products I’ve ever seen on TpT!!

Super Hero Language1

Check out some of the ‘graphic organizer’ pages below:

Super Hero Language2     Super Hero Language3 Super Hero Language4

To use these graphic organizers, you can print off cards with characters and items on them! Below is a SMALL sample of the cards available. There are so many, including a section of only multiple items per cards! Great for working on plurals!!

Super Hero Language5  Super Hero Language6 Super Hero Language7

Did I mention that I LOVE this activity?! I think it is really straight-forwards, and the graphics are adorable! You can find it in her TpT store here! 3) Target Practice Language If you aren’t convinced so far that Shelley is an incredibly creative material maker, you will be after this activity! I should mention that it works best if you have a Nerf and Strike Maverick Rev-6 gun, which Shelley claims is easy to find at your local store for about $9.99. I honestly can’t imagine a student that this game wouldn’t be motivating for! You can either have them shoot the target below (to determine how many times they need to say their articulation sound) or have them complete a certain number of cards before they get to shoot the target.

Target Practice for Language6

You can see some of the cards below. Overall, this packet targets antonyms, synonyms, following directions, categories, and subject-verb agreement!

Target Practice for Language1Target Practice for Language2 Target Practice for Language3Target Practice for Language4   Target Practice for Language5

To use the last cards (subject-verb agreement), Shelley has included 4 targets with has, have, is, and are. That way, your student can decide which is appropriate for each blank, and be rewarded by shooting the corresponding target! She also includes a page for each deck in case you want to print backs on your cards!

How cool is all of that?? You can find this activity in her TpT Store here. Another great thing about products from J:K Speech is that she provides a FULL PREVIEW including pictures of each page included! That way, you know exactly what you are purchasing before you spend the money on it!

THANKS FOR READING! I hope you learned about some new, creative, motivating, and totally awesome activities!

PS: You can read a post over at J:K Speech about one of my activities here. She included some AMAZING pictures of the activity in use!!

Product Review: Monster Sentence Activity

Amy over at Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl began Tangled Tuesdays back in November. I am so happy to participate and review one of her materials from TpT!


This product is called ‘Monster “I’m So Germy”‘ Sentence Activity. It has an adorable germ theme! You can find it here. Read on for my thoughts!


It is 33-pages long and covers correcting, creating, combining, and completing sentences! Amy also included cover cards for your decks, and cards to make it into a game. I don’t know about you, but I knew several students who could benefit from this right away! You can see sample cards for each section below:

Correcting Sentences

Monster Germy Activity3

Creating Sentences

Monster Germy Activity5

Combining Sentences

Monster Germy Activity4

Completing Sentences

Monster Germy Activity6

My Thoughts:

I LOVE how thorough this packet it! There is something in this packet for nearly every language kiddo. I also feel like the clip art could keep many kids interested, especially boys who might love that it’s “gross”.

How You Could Use It:

I think my favorite section is the sentence completion part. You could also use it for word finding!! And obviously, you could use the packet as directed. It is great the way it is and it a perfect, ready to use activity!

If you’re convinced and want to check this packet out, you can find it here.

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If you are interested, you can read her post about my Cash Cab Expressive Language Packet here. Her post contains pictures from EVERY section of the packet so you can get a great idea of what is included!

Product Review: Directing the Action Social Skills

I got an exciting ‘swapportunity’ with Carissa from Home Sweet Speech Room. I have been eyeing up this packet for a while, so I was thrilled to check it out and share my opinions!


The packet is called Direction the Action Social Skills. You can see Carissa’s blog post about the item here. She is great about posting a ton of sample pictures so you can really get a feel of what you’re purchasing, so I won’t do the same! If you want to see examples from each section please click the link above!


This packet contains materials for identifying good vs bad scenes, correcting social scenes, identifying positive vs. negative emotions, idioms, getting somebody’s attention, turning a negative statement into a positive one, and tone of voice!

Below are some sample pictures to get a feel of the packet:

Directing Action Social Skills2

Directing Action Social Skills

Directing Action Social Skills5


My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this packet!! Being a material maker myself, I understand the challenge in coming up with relatable situations for social skills materials. I think Carissa did a great job of choosing situations, phrases, and scenarios that all of our students can relate to. I am currently working with some girls who are obsessed with acting and they LOVED the adorable graphics and the theme. I also think it’s a great theme for talking about social skills, because, honestly.. aren’t we all acting once and a while?? :)

Another great point about this product is that the social skills covered are different than ones I’ve seen in other packets! Sometimes I feel like I have 5 packets covering one specific skills, but this packet covers skills that I have less materials for (e.g.: getting the attention of others and turning a negative statement into a positive one!)

The only issue one of my students had was with the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ scene sorting mats! She was confused why the people on the negative emotion and bad scene mats were smiling (it got a laugh out of me!).

How I Used It:

Exactly how it is intended! To me, that was the best part of this packet. It was organized well, explained well, and the activities could be used as is. After I did a couple of the activities with a few of my students, I would prompt them in other situations by asking them to think back to this game and turn their negative language into more positive language and how we have discussed getting another person’s attention. Sometimes I can even cue by just asking, “What would your actor do?” LOVE IT!

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this packet to anybody who works with students who need a little help with pragmatics! You can find it here.

You can find her post about my Phonemic Awareness Powerpoint here.

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