Where Do We Belong? An Activity for Problem Solving Skills!

Want a fun product that targets problem solving skills? Look no further! This easy to print activity targets skills such as inference, deductive reasoning, problem solving, and perspective taking! You can find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.


Included are 6 families, 6 houses, 6 cars, and 6 pets. Your students will have a blast trying to figure out which family goes with which house, car, and pet based on their application! Below are some sample pictures:

Slide02  Slide03

Slide04  Slide05

Slide06   Slide07

There are also blank versions included so your students can make up their own or describe their family:

Slide08   Slide09

Slide10   Slide11

You can find this product in my TpT Store here or in my Teacher’s Notebook store here.

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Solve It! Problem Solving Detective Packet


My newest, 45-page packet targets problem solving, including:

-Deductive Reasoning
-Problem Solving

It includes:
-What Might Happen Next? – Cause and effect cards. Students try to guess what will happen next. For example, “your mom forgets about the cookies while they are baking”.

-Guess My Word! – Students take turns drawing cards. The other students in the group ask questions to figure out the word. There is an included visual of possible questions for this activity as well.

-Clue Hunt! – Students try to guess the mystery word through a series of clues. First student to say the correct word wins!

-What Happened Here? – Cause and effect cards. The opposite of the first activity. Students try and guess what happened first to lead to the outcome on the card.

-Homework – Homework sheets are provided for cause/effect and guessing an object after clues are given. For example, ‘fruit, yellow, peels open’.

-Game Board
-Game Pieces
-Foil Cards

Slide1 Slide2

Sample pictures are below:





You can find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook Store here.  THANK YOU!!

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