Phonemic Awareness Powerpoint

My newest product is an interactive Powerpoint targeting phonemic awareness, and I’m incredibly excited about it! You can find it here.

PA Preview Slide

This product contains 129 slides in a Powerpoint format. This means no prep work, printing, laminating, or cutting for you!!

It covers 4 topics related to phonemic awareness:
Alliteration Awareness: 25 slides that ask, “Which one starts with a different sound?” and provides 3 picture choices.
Phoneme Matching: 25 slides that ask, “Which one starts with the same sound as _____”. The blank contains a picture. There are 3 picture choices for the answer.
Phoneme Segmentation: 20 slides that ask, “How many slides are in ____”. The blank contains a picture. There are 3 numbers as choices.
Phoneme Isolation (initial): 25 slides that ask, “Which is the first letter in ______”. The blank contains a picture. There are 3 letter choices for the answer.
Phoneme Isolation (final): 25 slides that ask, “Which is the last letter in ______”. The blank contains a picture. There are 3 letter choices for the answer.

Each answer, whether a picture, letter, or number, links to a page that tells your students if it was correct or incorrect! There is a homepage so you can easily navigate to the specific topic you need!

Head on over to TpT here to download the preview to see an example page for each section!

Below are sample pictures as well:








Thank you! Again, the link to the item in my TpT store can be found here.

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Say It! Trains for Apraxia

I am so excited for this packet! It took a LONG time but in the end, I love how it turned out and I cannot wait to use it.


This 44-page packet is intended for use with students with apraxia. But, it can also be used for those with severe articulation deficits or those with phonological awareness goals. You can find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook Store here.

The consonant sounds /b, m, p, t, d, h, n, w, s, k, g, y, z/ are included. There are cards for 13 vowels as well! All of these are provided in both upper and lower case to suit your needs!

For each of the sounds above (including vowels) there is a card included. These cards can be used to help your students isolate each sound in a word and cue themselves. For example, on the ‘B’ card there is a picture of a ball. On the bottom of the card it says, “Buh, buh, buh like the sound of a ball bouncing” to help you think of great ways for your students to remember the sound! (see the example page below)


Two games/activities are included. The first has the student build a word using sounds. See a page of words in the picture below. Words were chosen to reflect a wide variety of vowels sound with all of the consonants listed above! There are 207 word cards included!


You can also build the word yourself and have the student focus on the articulation of each sound.


The second game targets nonsense CV syllables.


Reinforcement cards and mats are included as well.

Visual cue cards are included. These help students that benefit from placement cues. One is left blank so you can customize it with your own cues if desired!

Below are the product preview images:





If that looks like a product that might help you in your speech room, check it out in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook Store here.

Thank you!