Robot Vocabulary

This fun, robot pack targets synonyms, antonyms, homographs, and word meanings! It is 41-pages long! You can find it here.


Pages 2-3: Cover Cards – To help keep you organized!
Pages 4-14: Homographs – Match each homograph card to another card with two different possible definitions!
Pages 15-33: A roll the die game for synonyms, antonyms, and word meanings. There are 24 cards for each of 3 difficulty levels.
Pages 34-40: Reinforcers – Including 5 puzzles and a board game.

Sample pictures are provided below:









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Superhero Silly Sentence Formulation

My newest packet is a fun, and motivating way to target sentence formulation. You can find it here.


It is a 17-page packet with a superhero theme. It allows your students to make silly sentences while learning about word order and the parts of a sentence.

12 ‘who’ cards with superheros
28 ‘what’ cards with actions on them (ex: grew twice as big)
24 ‘where’ cards with places on them (ex: on a skyscraper)
8 ‘when’ cards (ex: two weeks ago)
24 ‘why’ cards (ex: because he was hungry)
1 visual/mat
1 homework page/worksheet

Sample pictures are below:



There are cards included for each part of a sentence. You can see sample cards below.










Also included is a sentence formulation worksheet, that can also be used as homework.


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Conversation Phone Text Messages

This 15-page packet contains 81 cell phones cards that prompt your student to respond to a comment or question! Each comment or question looks like it is a text message from a specific person (mom, dad, friend, classmate, etc..).


There is an included visual mat that may help some students decide how to respond (with a comment, question, or response). It could also help get your students to explain why they responded a certain way.


Great for social skill or pragmatics goals!

Watch out for shattered screen cards!


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Cash Cab Expressive Language!

Yay for new materials! I love Cash Cab so much. A while ago I used to work for a daycare and we took field trips every day! That meant bussing around 14 kids in my big, white van each afternoon.

A month into the summer, I began playing Cash Cab with my kids in the van. I’d prepare a huge list of questions and pretend I was Ben, the driver, from Cash Cab. They all got really into it and it decreased the backseat naughtiness substantially!

So now I’ve created an expressive language packet with a Cash Cab theme! You can find it here.


This is a fun packet targeting a variety of expressive language skills! It is a whopping 95 pages long and contains over 400 game cards targeting:

Naming Items Within A Category (Red Light Challenge! Cards)
Naming Function
Describing A Word
Word Finding
Comparing and Contrasting Two Words
Creating WH Questions
Describing A Process (How Questions)
Multiple Meaning Words

The packet also includes:
One Group Game Board
Individual Game Strips
Cash Cab Money Earning Score Sheets
Foil Cards
Shout Out! Cards
Describing Things Visual
Game instructions for three ways to play
1 Set of Blank Cards

This game allows for a variety of ways to play! You can play with all of the skill decks, or only use some!

See sample pictures below:


If you need more materials targeting some of those skills, check the packet out in my TpT Store here.

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