Help students buy in to speech with the help of the tips in this guest post. Especially if you work with older students, you might be on the receiving end of complaints from students about having to go to therapy. These tricks can help them buy in to speech!
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Helping Students “Buy In” to Speech

“I don’t want to go to speech!” “Why do I have to come today?” “Can I just stay in class?” Have you ever heard these comments? I hear them particularly from my older students, but every now and then…

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Wind Up Toys

I recently posted on Instagram about making an AAC bin of activities including wind-up toys and got several questions about where I got them and how I plan to use them so I thought I’d write a post to…

The mentorship gap is an ever-increasing problem in the SLP community. This seems to be because new professionals are discouraged by having mentors who barely have time for them, and mentors have too many things on their plate to really devote much time and energy to mentorship. How can we fix this? Read this post to find out.
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Mind the Mentorship Gap

In school, they stress the importance of mentorship post-graduation. It’s paramount to have a good mentor, a mentor who gives you constructive criticism, a mentor who will help mold and shape you into a better professional, a mentor who…

Articulation News is one of my newest products, and believe it or not, it's a perfect fit for both articulation and language students. This resource of chockfull of worksheets and games that will reach your students in a variety of ways and help them find success in learning and practicing speech and language skills.
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Articulation News

One of my first products on Teachers Pay Teachers was Articulation Menus, a fun way to generalize articulation skills and incorporate language skills – perfect for mixed groups. I used that resource all of the time until I decided…

Social communication isn't exactly what a lot of educators think it is, and it's a skill that reaches more kids and takes more time to develop than many educators want to admit. This post outlines the top 10 social language myths and what their corresponding truths are so that you can become a more effective speech-language therapist.
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Top 10 Social Communication Myths

I am Heidi Britz from SmartmouthSLP, and I’m so happy to be here today!  I want to thank Shannon at Speechy Musings for this opportunity to guest blog on a topic that I love, social language. Over the past…