Finding a renewed passion for your profession can feel like opening up a whole new world again. After many years doing a job she loved, Melony found herself wondering why she was an SLP and why she was putting up with all of the obstacles. Then, she found a renewed passion for being an SLP. Read her story in this post.

How I Found Renewed Passion for my Profession

I’d like to introduce you to Melony – a fabulous reader who is going to share her perspective on how she renewed her love for her job as an SLP! I LOVE reading blog posts from other SLPs, especially…

I got married in the summer of 2016! It's time to take a break from SLP talk and share some of the details of our amazing day with you. Read all about where we held our ceremony and reception, see pictures of the event, and share in our joy as we start our new life together!

I got married!

As you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook, I got married over the summer! I wanted to share a bit about my day with you all 🙂 We got married at Wisconsin Brewing Company, a brewery just outside…

Therapy Ideas

SLP Carryover Tips – A Parent Perspective

Hi All, I’m Melanie and mother of 5 kids at home, 3 of whom have attended speech therapy.  I LOVE all the speech therapists who have worked with, taught and cared for my kids.  We’ve had both private practice…

Scheduling that makes sense? No way! That never happens...but it does now! Check out this video about a scheduling method that just plain makes sense.
For SLPs

Scheduling That Makes Sense – For SLPs

Coffee, color coding, and scheduling made easy. If you’re looking for a new way to schedule your students this year, this video is for YOU! Check it out below: What do you think? I’m in love!…

The Big Book of Exclamations is a book that every SLP needs to have in their therapy room! It's especially helpful for SLPs who work with kids in birth to 3, and it's a great resource to show parents. You'll absolutely love this book!
Birth to 3, Reviews

The Big Book of Exclamations – Review

I love using books in therapy! If my kiddos would let me, I could use books, books, books for everything. Unfortunately, books are a really difficult thing for some of my kiddos, especially my birth to 3 aged ones. I…

Speech for breakfast? Wait, what? Don't worry: It's a new trend I'm starting on my Instagram account! Every morning, look for my #speechforbreakfast post!
For SLPs

Speech For Breakfast on Instagram

Just wanted to let all of you fabulous blog followers about a fun idea I’m starting on Instagram called speech for breakfast. If you’re anything like me, you scroll through every social media outlet when you wake up in…