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Piggy Bank Labels – Freebie

Several of my youngest students LOVE this Fisher Price Piggy Bank. I love it too, especially for targeting core vocabulary words such as in, out, open, close, put, go, play, on, off, stop, mine, etc.. It’s incredibly motivating! While…

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Conversation Cell Phones

There’s nothing better than finding that “just right” motivating topic to target your students goals! When I came up with the idea of conversation cell phones! Cell phones are very motivating for some of my students and this idea…

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DIY AAC Visuals and a Freebie

AAC materials are incredibly hard to find online, primarily (I think) because the graphics in systems are diverse and copyrighted. In order to have AAC visuals and materials for your caseload, think about how many different systems your students…

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Articulation Menus for /r/

For me, finding targets and activities for articulation at the word and sentence level is fairly easy. I can do a lot with flashcards! Things get more tricky when looking for fun activities that get in lots of trials…