Our Speech Room Staples Linky Party


Sometimes searching on Teachers Pay Teachers can be absolutely overwhelming. It’s nice to search by top rated products or best sellers, but I know there has to be less popular products that others love and use all of the time. Those products can be so hard to find!! Below are my favorite four products from […]

What is this EET I keep hearing about?

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Do you feel like everywhere you turn you are hearing about the EET? I feel that same way, and I’m here to tell you what I’ve learned about the EET, or Expanding Expression Tool, in the past couple months. I love it, and I think you will too! According to the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) […]

Speachy Feedback: September 2014


Getting feedback just might be one of my favorite things about selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. I read EVERY SINGLE piece of feedback you leave me, I really do! Below is some feedback I received recently that just made my day:    Calling Natalie M… you’ve won a free product from my store! Email me […]

Articulation Test Center App Review

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To be honest, working at a private practice you don’t get a HUGE number of articulation kiddos. I was concerned this app might not get as much use as I like to give to apps when I’m reviewing them… but I didn’t really have another app that did what this app could offer so I […]

Early Describing and Categorizing Packet


After starting my new job, I really need a packet that targeted describing. I searched and searched Teachers Pay Teachers (because let’s be honest, starting your CF is insane) but couldn’t really find anything at the level I wanted. So what’s a girl to do? Make her own packet… and here it is! My Early […]

Let’s Learn Emotions App Review


I’m working on identifying emotions with many of my kiddos right now, so when I was offered the opportunity to review Let’s Learn Emotions from Everyday Speech I jumped at the opportunity! Once I used the app, I was even more excited to start using it with my kiddos! Check out some of the fantastic […]

Social Skills Calendar


This school year, I’ll be running a social skills group at my work! I wanted a basic outline of topics to hopefully target each week. I decided that most of the time, things are too difficult to target in just one week so I made this handy dandy calendar of which topics I’ll target when. […]

30 Pieces of Advice for New SLPs


I recently asked for advice for new SLPs on my Facebook page and the response I got was AMAZING. The feelings I have after starting this new job have been crazy. I love it, but it can definitely feel overwhelming at times! I still sometimes feel bad for the clients who get assigned to me […]

ChatAble App Review

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Personally, I feel like AAC is often underutilized in our field. Oftentimes, this can be due to lack of access to the appropriate technology, cost limitations, or time limitations. We learned in grad school that AAC is appropriate for anybody who cannot meet 100% of their communication needs in a day. I love many things […]

Let’s Use Language App Review


In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been extremely MIA lately! In the past month, I’ve graduated, started a new job, got ANOTHER puppy, bought a house, went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic, and was in a wedding. I’m.exhausted. So please excuse the lack of posts and new, fun materials! I promise they are […]