2,000 Likes Giveaways: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my 2,000 likes giveaways!


The products in the giveaway are all INCREDIBLE. And there is four of them!! The first is an Evidence Based Practice Quick Reference Binder from Home Sweet Speech Room and the second is a WH Question Packet with Visuals from Teach Speech 365.  The third product is the Social Butterfly packet from Nicole Allison and last but not least is Practice on the Playground from Speak Listen Play. Check out and enter the amazing giveaway below:

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2,000 Likes Giveaway: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my 2,000 likes giveaways! If you missed the first one, click here cause you don’t wanna miss your chance at these awesome products!


If you like yesterday, then you’ll definitely like today! You could win Common Core RtI Assessments for K-2 from Busy Bee Speech, License Plate Listening Comprehension from The Speech Bubble, AND one free product from my store. Check out and enter the amazing giveaways below:

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2,000 Likes Giveaway: Day 1


First off, I should start by thanking all of you wonderful people who have supported me since I began this crazy blogging thing back in December. Let’s fast forward 9 months and BAM!… I’ve got an incredible 2,000 Facebook likes! Wow! This week should be fun, and is filled with giveaways on giveaways so if you aren’t one of those incredible 2,000 people, like me on Facebook pronto to stay up to date with all of the awesomeness happening in the next few days! (click the icons below to like me on Facebook, and to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest)

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I won’t make you wait any longer! Below is the first giveaway. It is for Pronoun Power from Let’s Talk Speech Therapy and I Can Statement Posters from Natalie Snyders. I’ll also be including ANY product from my store

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Articulate It! – A Smarty Ears App Review

In my opinion, Smarty Ears has one of the best reputations for creating seamless, great looking, and functional apps for speech-language pathologists. Articulate It! is no exception. I was so impressed with this app!


If you are unfamiliar with Smarty Ears apps, you should know that they hook up with a free app called the Therapy Report Center.


In the Therapy Report Center, you can add your caseload, their goals, their age, and more.


From there, you can import/export seamlessly between the Therapy Report Center and Smarty Ears Apps.

IMG_0134 IMG_0135

For example, after a session using Articulate It!, you can upload the data to the Therapy Report Center. Then, if you use a different Smarty Ears App next time, you can compare progress between apps.


You can also print off progress reports from the Therapy Report Center as well. It’s an amazing idea from Smarty Ears and helps me stay organized so much!

Okay now for describing Articulate It! As I stated before, it’s a wonderful app. It’s not only great looking, but it’s intuitive, functional, and takes great data. From there, you can select students, and choose to play either flashcards or matching. Note: If you don’t want to select a student, you can choose Quick Play from the home screen.


After you select either flashcards or matching, you can designate the sounds/patterns you want to work on with each student you’ve selected. See some of the MANY amazing choices below:

IMG_0108 IMG_0109

IMG_0110 IMG_0111

IMG_0116 IMG_0117

 As you can see, there are so many options. I can’t imagine an articulation client that this application wouldn’t have thought of! You can also customize each word list AND add custom words!

Below is an example of what you might see if you wanted to do matching:

IMG_0112 IMG_0113

One different thing about this app is that is shows you a card (ex: shoelace in the pictures above) and the student has to search for the one match. Each student keeps guessing until they find shoelace. Then the next student’s board pops up containing their sounds.

Below is an example of what you might see if you choose flashcards:


There are many ways you can change around the settings as well:


And you can leave notes as needed.


You can change the picture from word level, phrase level, and sentence level AND take data separately on each!

IMG_0122 IMG_0123IMG_0124

And that brings us full circle to the data section of the app. See some example of this section below:

IMG_0115 IMG_0114


IMG_0129 IMG_0126

I absolutely love how the data is presented! It’s color coded, so easy to read, and broken up into well-organized categories. From this section, you can export the data to the Therapy Report Center as I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Overall: I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this app! It works as described, looks great, and provides so much useful data & information. If you are looking for an articulation app, please seriously consider Articulate It!

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are mine.

The First Week at my Externship – Seven Lessons Learned


As you may know, I am currently beginning the second year of graduate school. In my program, we have clients through our university’s clinic for the first year. Then, we get assigned to an adult & child externship (one each semester in the second year). This past week, I started my first externship…. with adults.

I am a kid person, through and through. I love difficult kids, easy kids, funny kids, serious kids. I love language kids, artic kids, kids with autism, fluency kids. I love them all.

To be fair, before this externship, I had only had one adult client before, in our university’s clinic. He was awesome and turned into my Virginia grandpa. He made me laugh and he made significant progress throughout our semester together.

So the night before I had to begin my externship, I was semi-optimistic. I had been assigned to a very nice facility where I would get experience in rehab, skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care – all at one site!

To sum it up quickly, the first day was rough. I was shown around the facility for most of the day. Honestly, for me, walking around the facility on the first day was the worst moment thus far. We spent much of the day in the memory care unit: constant alarms, people crying, people trying to escape, people looking for their deceased loved ones, the smells, the sights… It was almost too much.

But, the next day came and went. When I left, I thought to myself, “I think I could do this for a job”.

The third day came and went. When I left, I thought, “Ugh. Growing up sucks.”

And then the fourth day came and went. I thought, “Is it weird that I actually kind of enjoyed today?!”

So overall, I’m learning a lot (read my lessons below). I have some clients that make me depressed. I have some clients that are hilarious. I have clients that I want to adopt as grandparents. Next week, I plan to help a 94 year old woman make a Facebook to keep up with her grandchildren. Does it get any more awesome than that!?

Surprisingly, I like the adult setting more than I thought I would. There are still moments every day that I just want to leave or take 10 minutes to myself, but I guess that is to be expected!

After week one, here is what I have gathered:

1) When you ask your classmates how their externship is going, you will either get, “I love it!” or “I’m learning a lot.”, the latter of which is not a good thing.

2) Scrubs are a wonderful thing.

3) The university’s clinic is NOT REAL LIFE. In real life, you have difficult coworkers, limited supplies, no lunch break, and no privacy (aka you might share a small room with PT & OT).

4) Not every setting or placement will be a perfect fit for you.

5) A good attitude and a good work ethic will get you a long way.

6) Connecting with your clients, whether they will forget you in an hour, is one of the most important aspects of the job. That doesn’t change for ANY setting.

7) And last, dementia makes me sad.

What do you remember from your externships? 

Three Apps by Dynavox Mayer-Johson – Reviews + GIVEAWAYS

A couple weeks ago, a rep from Dynavox Mayer-Johnson contacted me about checking out a couple of their apps. The company recently rereleased all of their PCS and wanted me to check them out! Because Dynavox Mayer-Johnson rocks, they’ve also given me 6 codes (2 for each app) to give away to Speechy Musings’ readers! Check out what I thought about each app below and enter to win! The giveaways do not last long, so enter now!! (I’ll giveaway 4 apps here and 2 in some fun contests on my Facebook page so stay tuned!)

1) Say it Right™ – Articulation Flip Books App

IMG_0091 IMG_0092

This app has earned a place  in my top list of articulation apps! It is super engaging and colorful, it includes a ton of sounds, is very reasonably priced ($9.99), and it can be fun while practicing artic sounds! I haven’t gotten the chance to use it with any clients, but I can imagine they’d love it. I’ve used the actual book versions of these and they were a hit. I can’t imagine the app being any less engaging! Below are some screenshots of the app in action:

IMG_0093 IMG_0096

IMG_0095 IMG_0094

Using this app is simple. Just drag your finger up on any one of the three ‘pages’ to switch the page. You can either keep together the three corresponding pages to make stories that make more sense, or mix and match to create silly stories!

When I first opened the app, I was so impressed by how many sounds were targeted. The following sounds are included: ar, ear, er, or, recurrent r, ire, prevocalic r, r blends, s, z, sh, ch, k, g, th, f, v, p, b, t, d, m, n, s, r, l blends, w, h, and l. PHEW! Isn’t that an amazing deal for only $9.99?!

Obviously, the app was created with articulation in mind. But, like all great apps, it can be easily adapted into an app to work on prepositions, syntax, vocabulary, expressive language, and probably much much more. You can discuss what tense the middle page is in, pull out the preposition off of the last page, and discuss the parts of speech and find them! This is why I would recommend this app for all SLPs who work with mixed groups.

Check out the website here to see everything! Enter the Rafflecopter below to win a copy!

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2) PCS™ Word Scramble App

The next app I checked out targets spelling and vocabulary (primarily).


I’ll be honest with you, when I first opened up the app and played around with it, I did like that every time I pushed something, it was labeled and I didn’t like the lag time between cards. But, once I realized that Dynavox Mayer-Johnson is great and has every setting option I wanted, I really started to love this app! Below you can see how customizable this app is:


You can have text labels, speech labels, rewards after a certain number of cards, and much more if desired!

Below are some screenshots of the app in action:

IMG_0099 IMG_0102

IMG_0101 IMG_0100

Basically, it’s a spelling app. You can choose the length of word you want targeted. The app shuffles the letters and you have to put them back in the correct order. PCS pictures are used, which I like because it makes the transition between therapy activities and communication easier for those who use PCS for their AAC system! You can choose from many, many options for length of word (from 3-8 letters):


After you choose a word length, you can press “Sort” in the bottom left corner if you want to get rid of certain cards from the stack. I love how customizable this app is!

Check out the app on their website here and enter the Rafflecopter below to win 1 of 2 copies!

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3) PCS™ Flash Cards App

  The last wonderful app I received from Dynavox Mayer-Johnson was the PCS Flash Cards App. First, I need to mention that this app would be incredible for a person who is learning to use an AAC system that uses PCS pictures. It can familiarize/teach the icons before the pressure of communicating with them exists! Great! See some screenshots below.

You can target rhyming with this app:


You can even pick which rhyme to target (as shown above). I like how the rhyme part of the word is shown in blue. See an example of two flashcard screenshots below:

IMG_0090 IMG_0089

You can also target language with this app:


There are articulation flashcards included, with a huge variety of sounds/cards, all in PCS.


When you click on a sound, you can edit the cards that will be targeted if desired:


And then the flashcards begin. Again, the target sound is in blue.


 Last but not least, vocabulary can be targeted. Some of the included categories are below:


I really like this section because it can help with the cognitive organization of an AAC system as well! You can have the text label included or not included.

IMG_0083 IMG_0082

And once again, you can control exactly what cards are included in each deck:


 So there you have it! Aren’t these apps awesome! I hope to come back and update this post once I’ve used them with clients. I can’t wait to do that!

Check out the PCS Flash Cards app on their website here and enter the Rafflecopter below to win a copy.

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Dementia Resources


This semester, I am working with adults, many of which have dementia. I’ve been studying endlessly on the topic and decided to create my second resource page! If you are interested in my dysphagia reference page, click here. Below are my favorite dementia resources:

–FREE Online Resources–

Dementia Basics: Includes normal brain functioning vs brain function in dementia, causes of dementia, the impact of dementia on healthcare, and the meaning of dementia.

ASHA: ASHA’s info page on dementia including what it is, how it’s diagnosed, possible treatment options, and so much more! A must read!


Northern Speech Services: Click on the dementia tab to see a wide course selection for CEUs.

The Speech Team Inc.: Offers a Comprehensive Dementia course for 2.2 ASHA CEUs.

SpeechPathology.com: Offers unlimited CEU courses for $99 a year including many on dementia.

–Reference Materials/Books--


The Dementia Queen: A great blog with many tips on working with those with dementia!

The 25 Best Alzheimer Blogs of 2013: A great list of blogs! Many from a patient’s perspective!

The Upside to Dementia: A blog written by 2 daughters about their father who has dementia. Great family perspective!


Best iPad Apps for Senior Citizens: This is my favorite list, and while general to senior citizens, is organized well with many great affordable options.

Top Five Apps for People with Dementia: Some good app ideas! Encourages you to find apps that fit your client’s old hobbies.

Apple Community: A forum with many great app ideas.

–Facebook Group–

Dementia Aware: A group for caregivers & family members! A great resource to recommend!

–Pinterest Boards–

My Dementia Pinterest board (which will definitely be growing throughout the semester!)

Dementia Board One: A huge board (319 pins as of 09/03/13) and some amazing resources!

A Dementia and Alzheimer’s board from FirstLight HomeCare.

Know of more? Let me know so I can add them! Let’s grow this resource page!

Common Core Reference Binder for SLPs

For the past two months, I’ve been working endlessly on this packet! It began as a material only for me, until I realized how big it was going to be! I decided to create it for Teachers Pay Teachers and the response has been amazing! I present to you… the huge (441 page) Common Core Reference Binder for SLPs.

I didn’t think that preview images alone would give you a good feel for the packet, so I created my first vlog (video blog) about the packet. If you are interested in getting a little tour of the packet, check the video out below:

If you are more old school, and prefer pictures, I’ve shared some example pages from the product below:

Here is the cover:


And an example of a page of the checklist section:


I’ve also included the full standards listed out:


Below is an example of an anchor chart:


And its corresponding “I Can” posters….


For many topics, I include bonus reference pages as shown below:


Below is an example of the included assessment pages:


I always include blank ones too!


 And some sections include blank worksheets as well:


Here is some of it printed out:

commonc ore

There are tons of other fun things included. I’ve shown just a few below:

Slide02 Slide03 Slide08 Slide09 Slide10 Slide11 Slide12Slide15

What do you think? If this is something that could benefit your speech room, please check the product out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. Unsure? Check out the wonderful feedback!

This product is also available in my Teachers Notebook store here.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions!


Back to School Blog Hop

Thanks for making it here in our fabulous Back to School Blog Hop.


First, to give credit where credit is definitely due, head on over to Busy Bee Speech and thank her for putting together such a wonderful hop!! These take a lot of work to put together and Lauren has done an amazing job!


The freebie I made is a back to school themed, following directions game. It’s SUPER easy to prepare (almost NO cutting involved), quick to play, and fun! Please do read the directions in the packet though because it’s a little different than products I’ve seen/made before!

To play, you print the picture cards back to back and set up as shown on the top of a direction page. Then, one student can read the directions to another. At the end, your students can check if they followed the directions correctly using the pictures at the bottom of the page.


You can find this game FOR FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

Below is the information to continue in the blog hop and collect your letter!




Thanks to our fabulous sponsors:

Rock n’ Learn DVD Review

I’ve got a different type of review for you all today! I was lucky enough to receive 2 DVDs. First, was Rock n’ Learn Phonics Volume 1. Second, was Phonics Easy Readers. If you go before September 5th, 2013 you can get these DVDs for 50% off through Educents here.


I popped in the Phonics Volume 1 DVD first. First impressions: cheesy but kind of reminds me of the Schoolhouse Rock days! I remember LOVING those videos when I was younger!


The DVD began by introducing the alphabet…


And then vowels.


Then it went through the vowels one by one. I like how there is a mouth shown while the vowel are taught. The mouth is the person who is speaking and moves along with the music.


Then it did the same for consonants. How cool is this for artic kiddos??



Next, the DVD went over reading rules such as when c makes the /s/ or /k/ sound. and then basic spelling is targeted.


And basic reading! (each sound is pronounced as it get bigger on the screen)


I should mention that MOST of this is to music, which is engaging and helps your kids remember some of the tricky phonics rules! I still have to sing songs to remember how to spell things, or say “I before E except after C” when I’m spelling so I know how effective this stuff can be!

To keep this most NOT  a mile long, I’ll end the full play by play but SO many other things are targeted in this 70 minute DVD. See A COUPLE below:


IMG_0070 IMG_0071



A couple things I should mention about the DVD. First, it is correlated with the Common Core State Standards which is awesome. I really think it could work well if you do any type of stations/centers in your speech room. Have a kid watch a 5 minute, section of the DVD at one station! Easy, fun, and they are learning! I’ve worked with SO many kiddos that just love music. If you have kiddos like that, this DVD would definitely appeal to them!

The only downside is that you put the DVD in, and it plays. Aka no menu or options to skip to the plurals section, for example. It would be very easy to write down the times you need to skip to (especially if you use it on your computer) but that is the only thing I wish the DVD came with!

**Update**: I was contacted by Michelle (who is fantastic by the way) over at Rock n’ Learn to let me know that there IS in fact a menu! All I needed to do was click the menu button on the remote. Silly me! Check out her screenshots below:

Phonics 1 Chapters Phonics 1 Main Menue

The second DVD from the Rock n’ Learn series is the Phonics Easy Readers DVD. Immediately after putting in this DVD, I felt like the company had already read my feedback on the last DVD! We’ve got menus!!

IMG_0073 IMG_0074

The book starts and shows you memory words aka sight words that pop up often in this story!


Then the story starts.


One thing I really like about this DVD is that it pauses for 3-5 seconds before reading each page aloud. That means you could play the DVD and have your kiddos try and read it aloud before the narrator gave them the answers!


Each story is fairly short and simple, but that is the beauty of this DVD! Pop it in at the beginning or end of your speech session. It should only take 5 minutes and is a great way to practice reading in a fun and different way! The menus allow you to choose the level/book that you desire. Once the book ends, it brings you back to the menu.

Thinking from an SLP perspective, some of the books would be amazing for auditory bombardment of speech sounds as well. For example, in the book shown above, final /t/ is on each page!

Think these DVDs would be awesome for your speech room? Well YOU ARE IN LUCK! Educents has them on sale this week only! Check them out here.

**This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience!**