2nd Blogiversary Celebration Day 9

I’ll be honest, I’m OBSESSED with the products and giveaways for today. First up is Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers. I got this box in the mail and it felt a bit like Christmas! When you open the box, you’ll…


Editable Monthly Speech and Language Newsletters

Do any of you send out monthly newsletters to the families you work with? Well then I’m about to save you bunches and bunches of time. Click here to check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers. For each month,…


Why I Love Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers has changed my life. Without question. Partially because I sell on the site and the extra income fed me through graduate school. But I also buy on Teachers Pay Teachers and that is what I’m talking…


2nd Blogiversary Celebration Day 8

Want to know one thing I’m REALLY thankful for? YOU. Yes you, reading this right now, YOU. You rock and are the reason this blog keeps going! This giveaway is all about being thankful.  Something I really, really love…

Cart Linky

Cyber Monday Sale – What’s in My Cart?!

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been attempting to buy less on TpT in order to fill fill fill my cart for the big sale! It was only half successful as I have no self-control on TpT but alas,…


2nd Blogiversary Celebration Day 7

Welcome to day seven: grab (a) bag day! I’m IN LOVE with the giveaways today! First up is this amazing farm animal beanbag set! You can purchase it on Etsy here. Check out the whole set below: The front of…


2nd Blogiversary Celebration Day 6

What? Day 6 you might say?! Yes! Time flies when you’re having fun! Scroll back through some older posts to enter giveaways (that haven’t ended yet) and stay tuned the rest of the week for more fun! I’m kind…