Camera Phonology Bundle #2 – Minimal Pairs

Did you see my last phonology bundle? If not, check out my post about it here.


There are pictures on each card so it can be used with readers and non-readers alike!  You can find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook Store here.

This is bundle #2! It is the same as the last bundle but instead, it targets:

Weak Syllable Reduction (including both 3 and 4 syllable words)
Pre-Vocalic Voicing (with 2 sorting mats)
Stridency Deletion

Additionally, there is a board game included! In order to help you stay organized, the camera button (on the top) is labeled with the phonological process targeted!

For most of the cards, you can cue the child by asking, “What is the camera taking a picture of?”

The numbers on the bottom left corner indicate how many spaces the child can move on the included game board.
Or, use the numbers to keep track of points!

Below is a sample of one of the pages:


And below is the game board:


To buy this product or to see more pictures, check it out in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.

I’m also selling both bundles together! You can find this mega bundle in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.

Camera Phonology Bundle #1 – Minimal Pairs

Are you looking for some new, fun phonology materials? Look no further!


This is bundle 1 of 2 in my camera-themed phonology set! There are pictures on each card so it can be used with readers and non-readers alike!  You can find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook Store here.

This bundle contains cards for the following phonological processes:
Final Consonant Deletion
Consonant Cluster Reduction

Additionally, there is a board game included! In order to help you stay organized, the camera button (on the top) is labeled with the phonological process targeted!

For most of the cards, you can cue the child by asking, “What is the camera taking a picture of?”

The numbers on the bottom left corner indicate how many spaces the child can move on the included game board.
Or, use the numbers to keep track of points!

Below is a sample of one of the pages:


Below is the game board that is included:


To buy this product or to see more pictures, check it out in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.

You can check out my post on bundle 2 here! I’m also selling both bundles together! You can find this mega bundle in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.





Back to School Packet for Speech and Language Therapy

I present to you… my newest product! It’s a back to school themed packet! You can find it in  my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.


This is a HUGE packet that contains materials to start your school year off right! It’s 82 pages and contains over 15 activities!

-Back to School Bingo
-Back to School Barrier Game
-Back to School Board Games
-Back to School Do-a-Dot Sheets
-Get to Know You Question Cards
-Black and White School Themed Homework/Worksheets (open-ended for articulation)
-Pack Your Backpack
-Summer Vacation Page
-Draw Your Break
-Color the Student (receptive language)
-My Speech Goals Booklet (with student friendly data sheets)
-All About Me Booklet (both booklets have multiple cover options)
-Back to School Themed Booklist
-Back to School Sequencing (2-step and 3-step)
-What Doesn’t Belong In The Backpack? A non-reader friendly category based activity.
-Build A Sentence Syntax Activity: Arrange cards to form a complete sentence to describe silly ways that students get to school.
-Back to School Themed Social Scenario Cards

Below are the preview images:




Check it out in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.

ABC Letter Learning: App Review

I think like everybody who has an iPad, I love a great looking app!

Merge Mobile states on their Facebook page, “Educational Apps that make kids smile!” I can see why! ABC Letter Learning is such a cute app.

When you open up the app, the homepage looks like this:


As you can see, the app targets Letter Recognition, Letter Phonics, Letter Tracing, and includes printable practice sheets!

I will show you screenshots from each section! There is really a lot to this app, especially when you consider that it retails for only $1.99.

 Letter Recognition: This section says, “Find the ____” and challenges the student to find the letter on either a lower case, or upper case board.
photo (1) photo (2)

Letter Phonics:  There is a page for each letter. You can have your students play around with the object on each page, hear the letter, or hear the sound.
photo (13) photo (3)

Letter Trace: This section does exactly what it sounds like! You can have your students trace both uppercase and lowercase letters. Below is some of my beautiful work:
photo (4) photo (12)

Practice Sheets: I think my favorite thing about this app has got to be the practice sheets! When you open up that section, the menu looks like this:
photo (6)

Below are some of the examples of the easy to print, homework pages that are included:
photo (11) photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo (10)

I told you it was cute!! You can easily print flashcards, signs, and worksheets from this app!

-Great looking (and for me, this counts!)
-Well organized
-Good use of sound effects
-Engaging pictures

-Worksheets are not always great for artic (e.g.: the S page has some s-clusters)
-The E section uses the word ‘eskimo’ which can be offensive

Overall, I would recommend this app! It is only $1.99, and when you think about even just the worksheets you get it is worth the small cost!!

Want to try it yourself?

Check out the Rafflecopter to enter to win 1 of 3 copies of this app!
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Two ‘Moore’ Ways to Support SLPs Product Bundle

As you may have noticed, I’ve been slightly absent from the blogging world lately. But, I promise I was busy working on this amazing product to offer you all. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been collecting and organizing some WONDERFUL products from your favorite SLP bloggers. 31 wonderful products to be specific! These products, combined, will be sold on Teachers Pay Teachers for ONLY $15. All of the proceeds from this product will go directly to help the SLPs who were affected by the tornados in Moore, OK.


And if that wasn’t enough, there is a SECOND bundle available in the same store. It is only $15 as well so please check out both! :)

Below are the products you will receive in this packet aka bundle #1:

Bear Snores On Book Companion Packet from Speechy Musings
Initial /S/ Blend Monster Trucks from Rae’s Speech Spot
What Planet Are You On? Social Skills Pack from The Dabbling Speechie
Behavior Management Strategies for Speech Language Pathologists from Smart Speech Therapy
Can I Take Your Order? A Receptive Language Activity from Teach Speech 365
Crayon Color Definitions from Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl
Community Helpers Language Packet from Let’s Talk Speech Therapy
Cooking Up Context Clues from The Speech Bubble
F Match It Quick! from PSST! Let’s Talk
Magically Predicting from Live Love Speech
Mouse Gets the Cheese: A Following Directions Game from Carrie’s Speech Corner
Negations from KristinM12
Ninja Receptive Language from Speech2U
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell Language Unit from SLP Gone Wild
Paper Bag Princess Speech & Language Activities from If Only I Had Super Powers
Answer Me, Maybe? A WH Question Packet from The Speech Ladies
Pinwheel WH-Questions from WordNerdSpeechTeach
Prediction Pack for Speech and Language from Allison’s Speech Peeps
Problem Solving Scenarios for School from Ms. Jocelyn Speech
Race to the Princess Language Games from Figuratively Speeching SLP
Slow and Steady: Slow Speech Rate and Giving Directions from Home Sweet Speech Room
Idiom Soccer Game and Supplement Worksheets from Mrs. T SLP
Spa Party S-Blends for Speech Therapy from Speech Language Pirates
Explanation of Speech-Language Therapy Powerpoint for Inservices from Natalie Snyders
Fluency Tools Treatment Packet from Busy Bee Speech
Pronouns and Prepositions for Summer from Kids Games for Speech Therapy
Three Little Pigs Book Companion from Speech Room News
WH Question Game Dean Trout’s Little Shop of SLP
Say What? A Comprehension Activity Simply Speech

As you can see, this is an amazing deal. It boils down to around .50 cents per product!!

So head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers here and buy this amazing bundle!

And check out Amy’s blog post about this all here.

Using Speedeebee in Speech Therapy

Have I got an amazing game to review for you all today! A couple of weeks ago, as part of my ’1,000 Likes Giveaway’, I did a giveaway for a game called Speedeebee. It’s from Blue Orange Games. You may recognize that name as the maker of ever-so-popular games like Spot It! and Gobblet.

Aside from this review, I think Blue Orange games makes some of THE BEST games available right now. I own others (just for fun!) and they are all well made, creative, and engaging for people of all ages.

The game in this review, Speedeebee, is no exception!

photo (9)

If you’re familiar with Spot It!, this game is just as small! See how I can fit the entire thing in my hand. How perfect is this for the traveling therapist, or one with a small room! (Or me… who doesn’t have a room and keeps things in her bedroom! It’s great!)

photo (6)

So, how do you play? If you are interested in seeing a video and reading the information straight from the website, check out the page on Speedeebee from Blue Orange Games here.

Speebeedee contains 4 colored dice with letters on each side, 50 game cards, and instructions. All of this fits perfectly into the small, circle tin. Each game card has four colored stripes that correspond with the colors on the die.

photo (5)

The point of the game is to roll all of the dice, and answer questions on the cards based on those dice. The questions will ask the child (or adult) to come up with a word containing or excluding a specific colored die. For example, “Name something you can see through, starting with one of these letters (throw all 4 dice).”

Below are two cards showing how this game can target parts of speech, including adjectives and verbs!

photo (7)

The card below shows how this game would be AMAZING for vocabulary development. The card on the left targets the word ‘mobile’ and the card on the right targets the word ‘stationary’.

photo (8)

Blue Orange Games states this game targets cognitive speed, vocabulary, spelling, and reaction time. Speedeebee has won many awards including the Play Advances Language Award. Pretty great, huh?

If you have students that may benefit from the vocabulary words, but who would struggle including or excluding certain letters, you can play without the dice! Just have the answer the beginning of the question!!

This game will absolutely be coming along with me on my externships. I can see using this with a HUGE variety of clients, even adults! It’s great for word finding and vocabulary goals, but hopefully you can see how versatile it can be! This game is officially on my ‘must have’ list, probably along with 99% of all Blue Orange Games.

If you are interested in purchasing this game, you can check it out on Amazon at the link below, or on the Blue Orange Games website.

*Disclosure Statement: Speedeebee was provided in order to complete this review. No other compensation was provided. This post may contain affiliate links.

End of the Year Writing Worksheets

I’m back with a freebie for all of you! It targets the skill of writing a letter and is great for an end of the year or summer homework activity. You can find it in my TpT Store here or my Teachers Notebook store here.


The packet includes worksheets that will take your students through the planning, drafting, revising, and writing process! Check out the preview pictures below:

Slide3 Slide4

Slide5  Slide7

If that seems like something you could use, download it FOR FREE in my TpT Store here.

Or if you are a Teacher’s Notebook fan, check it out here.

Thanks for reading!!

Speech Buddies Review

I’m sure you’ve all heard the hype about Speech Buddies, right? Well a few months ago I was lucky enough to receive a full set to check out. I waited anxiously for the package… and then it arrived!

I opened it up and was immediately impressed by the professional packaging…

photo (4)

And the amazing travel case:

photo (3)


photo (2)

When you open the case, it looks like this:


The direction packet is really great… really. See below for an example of one page. I think this is what makes Speech Buddies so great for parents. Between their online resources (including exercises with data tracking) and the booklet, there is no shortage of information on their use!

photo (1)

In case you need a little background information, Speech Buddies are a new tool that can be used to teach clients the correct production of problem sounds. They do this by utilizing the tactile learning method aka by providing tactile feedback to get the tongue into the proper placement. Speech Buddies can help to teach proper tongue placement during actual speech for 5 sounds: R, L, S, SH, and CH. Below are links to the instruction manuals for each sound:

Cheetah (CH)
Lion (L)
Rabbit (R)
Professional Set 
Seal (S)
Shark (SH)

If you’ve read other reviews, you will know that nobody’s experience with Speech Buddies is the same. While one review may say that /s/ was the least effective, another might say the opposite! What this means is that Speech Buddies aren’t effective for every single case. But the overall impression from reviews I’ve read is highly positive.

Before using the Speech Buddies with any clients, I had to test them on myself! I try to always do things myself if I’m going to ask a client to do it! :) Thanks to the fantastic instruction guide, it was easy to figure out how to place the Speech Buddy in my mouth. I practiced saying each sound with my tongue lightly pressed up against the Speech Buddy. Overall, if I were a child in speech therapy who was using Speech Buddies, I would be thrilled to use these over tongue depressors. They are small and coming from a bit of a texture person, the texture is so much nicer! The feedback was also very specific. There was very little room for error for my tongue placement! Last, I would guess that Speech Buddies would be much less scary to a child when placing them in the mouth. They are small, good looking, and have a fun, child-friendly name!

Because I’m in graduate school, the Speech Buddies set had the opportunity to travel around and be used with multiple clinicians and multiple clients. The great part about that is I was able to make sure they were easy to use and helpful for many people, not just myself! EVERY PERSON I lent the Speech Buddies to loved them. I don’t think there was a negative (or even neutral) experience in the bunch. The R (or Rabbit) Speech Buddy definitely got the most use due to the clients that tend to come to our clinic. The Speech Buddies were fantastic for some really tough /r/ cases. Some of these kiddos have been in therapy for 8 or so years and have residual issues with /r/. 50 minute sessions twice a week targeting /r/ can get exhausting, and I think the Speech Buddies were a welcome change by both clients and clinicians. The clinicians who used them thought they were effective, and many stated they now hope to get a set if/when they need them in the future!

-Portable, easy to carry around
-Effective for many clients
-Child friendly
-Provides tactile feedback for tricky sounds
-Great instructions
-Online exercises (Speech Buddies University) including word guides

-Must be cleaned between clients (although this is fairly easy with rubbing alcohol or Clorox wipes)
-Not an instant fix for all clients
-Not available for all sounds
-Very difficult to use on some children who have missing teeth!

Honestly, I get the apprehension about spending so much money on a set of Speech Buddies. I will not say they are an instant fix for every client, but they are for some. And they are helpful with most… So overall, if you are considering purchasing Speech Buddies, I would say go for it! They are a lifelong tool, and have been absolutely fantastic in my experience! I cannot wait to continue using them and see the progress!

Thanks for reading! Do any of you own them? What do you think?

*Disclosure Statement: A Speech Buddies set was provided in order to complete this review. No other compensation was provided.

Where Do We Belong? An Activity for Problem Solving Skills!

Want a fun product that targets problem solving skills? Look no further! This easy to print activity targets skills such as inference, deductive reasoning, problem solving, and perspective taking! You can find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.


Included are 6 families, 6 houses, 6 cars, and 6 pets. Your students will have a blast trying to figure out which family goes with which house, car, and pet based on their application! Below are some sample pictures:

Slide02  Slide03

Slide04  Slide05

Slide06   Slide07

There are also blank versions included so your students can make up their own or describe their family:

Slide08   Slide09

Slide10   Slide11

You can find this product in my TpT Store here or in my Teacher’s Notebook store here.

Thanks for reading!

Movement Breaks for Speech Therapy

Hopefully most of you saw a previous post of mine about regulation, and having my clients find their optimal level of energy throughout our sessions together. If not, click here to catch up and read it!


Many of the clients I see have trouble maintaining a regulated state, or maintaining an appropriate energy level throughout our sessions. In order to help them eventually learn to regulate their energy levels themselves, we discuss various ways they can calm down or perk up!

According to a research article you can find here, “it is not developmentally appropriate for the kindergarten students to receive Direct Instruction for more than 8 minutes”. According to a second article you can read here, “taking a movement break will not compromise any student’s academic achievement even when the children lose instructional time”. Many other articles point to movement breaks as a great strategy for a variety of students!

Below are three of my favorite ideas, that typically take 5 minutes or less!

1) Slap Your Name
Cut 1 large circle out of construction paper for each student. Cut a slightly smaller circle in white paper and write their name on it. Hang in on a wall above the level of their head. Put 1 minute on a timer and start the countdown. Once the timer starts, the student will jump and try to slap their circle/name. If they can do it, raise the circle. If they can’t, lower the circle. The point of the game is to see how high they can get their circle. This is extra fun if you have a couple kids together in a group! They love competing to get their circles up and up! Jumping is a really great movement break because it doesn’t require a large space and uses up a lot of extra energy!

2) Speech Boot Camp
This is another fun, and easy idea! Using the materials and space you have in your room, make boot camp cards. You can use index cards! Write ‘boot camp drills’ on each card. For example, “Do 5 pushups”, “Do jumping jacks for 20 seconds”, or “Jump up and down as many times as you can in 10 seconds.” You (the SLP, teacher, etc…) can be the drill sergeant, or pick a lucky student! The drill sergeant should pick cards, and direct the group to do each action. You can put 5 minutes on a timer to see how many exercises they can do as a group in 5 minutes! The whole group needs to work together to finish each exercise! This is a great movement break because it can also be used as a following directions activity!

3) Dance Party
Have a dance party! I keep a playlist on my iPad called “PG Playlist”. Every song on it is relatively recent and ‘cool’, but are all appropriate and pre-selected by me. I’ll play one song and everybody can dance or wiggle or move as much as they can during the song! Looking for some fun music? Check out this timely blog post from Rockin’ Teacher Materials.

These ‘movement breaks’ are often called ‘brain breaks’. Check out this fantastic Pinterest board I found filled with FUN ideas for brain breaks, including some videos you can play! How easy is that?

What do you use to keep your kids focuses? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to get some new ideas!