Advice for SLP Graduate Students

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A while ago I asked for advice for SLP graduate students on my Facebook page. Below is the amazing advice I received:

Get to know your professors! (Teach Speech 365)

I just finished grad school in May and my advice would be to make connections with other students and use each other as a resource. (Lucretia Keshia Whitmore- Govers)

Keep an open mind about what setting/population you want to work with and experience as many different types in your practicum placements as possible! I thought for sure I’d never want to work with adults, and I LOVED my outpatient adult placement! Wish I had gotten to do more of the inpatient side, as well. When I did my school placement, I told my supervisor I liked the older elementary kids way more than preschool age kids. Turned out that I loved preschool, too, and ended up in an early childhood position after graduating! (Rock Chalk Speech Talk)

Relax! It seems tough and overwhelming but you’re not alone. You will survive, you will graduate, and you will get a job :) (Lia Courtney)

Make good friends/study buddies. It it’s amazing how resourceful people are. Also great for different strengths and weaknesses. (Carly Fowler)

 It’s definitely not the easiest and can be super stressful, but the job is worth it in the end. (Natalie Snyders)

4.0′s are few and far between! If you rocked undergrad, don’t expect to rock graduate school. If you already knew the material, you would already be an SLP! The competition is over and there is no race to finish first anymore! So, don’t stress about getting that A+, perfect average. Just pass! (Morgan Comer)

Be prepared to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. (Stephanie Conrad)

When you feel like you’ve had enough and question your decision about why you chose this field, hang in there it gets better! We have the BEST profession and very much in demand!! (Jonelle Gillette)

Change your thinking from undergrad, it’s super competitive to get into graduate school, but now you all have made it. The person who graduates first and the person who graduates last will all be SLPs. Help each other! My graduate class was very supportive and collaborative and it was an incredible help, the class before and after us were very competitive. It makes a huge difference in your level of stress and shared and co-created study guides can be amazing! (Liz Haider)

This too shall pass! (Susan Shahan Stelly)

Thanks so much to everybody to gave their advice! It is much appreciated! Anything else we missed? Comment below and I’ll add it!

Top Five Resource Websites for SLP Students

This is my second to last post in my series of posts primarily directed towards current or soon-to-be SLP graduate students! Check out the other posts here.

This post contains my FIVE favorite resource websites that YOU should be using NOW!


 1) Pinterest: This is REALLY general but start following speech people/companies on Pinterest. You will start accumulating some amazing ideas that will be so helpful to look back on. I would recommend you start a Speech & Language Board (or boards) for yourself and keep track of your favorite ideas. Below is a list of my recommendations for who to follow. Please note that there are hundreds of amazing speech pinners/boards, but below are the largest/best in my opinion!

Pediastaff: By far, my favorite collection of boards on Pinterest!

SOS Inc. Resources: Another HUGE collection of boards/pins.

Speech-Language Therapy Blog Posts: An amazing, collaborative board where many popular SLP bloggers pin links to their posts. Follow this board to stay up to date with great ideas from your favorite bloggers in on easy place!

2) Bloglovin’: Do you love reading SLP blogs? Do you wish it wasn’t so overwhelming? Bloglovin’ to the rescue! Follow all of your favorite SLP blogs in one place. Following blogs on Facebook works great too (but some people don’t like their personal lives getting mixed in with their speech lives!). Seriously, if you haven’t, check out Bloglovin’ NOW. You can follow me here.

3) Teachers Pay Teachers: Graduate school is hard. There will be weeks you feel like you can’t breathe, or sleep, or function. You will continue to have client sessions. This is when Teachers Pay Teachers will Sign up now. Begin downloading and organizing great freebies you find into folders on your computer. If you have a session coming up and you can’t stand the thought of spending hours upon hours prepping materials, purchase one on Teachers for Teachers for HALF of what you might spend in a big box store. SO many SLPs have been making & selling materials on TpT which means you should be able to find anything you’re looking for! Which seriously comes in handy when pulling an all-nighter to make an entire language packet for a storybook doesn’t sound appealing. When you sign up for an account, you can start ‘following’ your favorite SLP bloggers to get updates about when they add products! DO IT NOW.
PS: You can see my freebies here. I totally get the no money thing.
PPS: That hasn’t stopped me from desperately purchasing materials when I just want to go to bed.

4) Speaking of Speech – Materials Exchange: So while we are on the subject of materials, bookmark this one! Speaking of Speech has TONS of free, downloadable materials. They are well organized and cover a huge variety of target skills. Some of these materials saved me during grad school!

5) Last but not least, is Mommy Speech Therapy. I’ve mentioned this website before in a few of my posts, but it is worth mentioning again! If you have an artic client, you will love this website. It has cards for each speech sound! FOR FREE. These cards can be used in so many ways and are great to laminate and keep forever! For more information on phonological or articulation disorders, check out the sister site, Little Bee Speech. There are gorgeous downloads including an articulation screener, data tracker, and a therapy log.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for more, I have an entire tab devoted to great online resources. Check it out here.

As always, THANKS for reading! You are all wonderful. If you have other resources, PLEASE leave them in the comments! I’d love to add to my growing list!

Top Five Products for SLP Graduate Students

So if it isn’t already, money is going to be TIGHT. Trust me… I get it! But the products below have been some of my favorite during schools, and I think you’ll love them too!


1) A Tervis mug: A must have! It’s perfect for coffee (aka the only thing that will keep you alive some days). I also mega splurged and got myself the red Keurig below which I don’t regret one bit.

2) Clipboards: A must have clinic accessory! I had one of these for each client! These ones on Amazon are awesome and reasonably priced! Clipboards make taking data much easier, especially when you’re on the move with an active client. They are also useful for holding extra papers and reinforcers like stickers!

3) Lamination: Unless your school provides this for you, BUY A LAMINATOR! These ones on Amazon are a fantastic deal. Why is lamination worth it? Because everything you make can last for your career. If you spend time finding/purchasing/making/assembling products now, you can start a collection that will be so useful when you begin your career!

4) A Big HUGE Bag: I use this bag from Vera Bradley, but feel free to find any ginormous bag of choice. It should be able to hold a large binder (or several), some textbooks, therapy materials, and 2 meals haha. I also have a backpack but my materials were too large for the backpack for most of the semester!

5) iPad: My boyfriend surprised me with one of these halfway through first semester and it’s been an amazing addition to my therapy tools! Not only can you use it in therapy, but you can take notes and such on it when you want/need something more portable! Also think of all of the app giveaways & reviews you’ll be able to participate in!

AND if you can’t afford an iPad (or even if you can…) this is item 5.5 on my list for surviving grad school:


WINE!  And yes that big glass does hold an entire bottle. If you need that product too, I got your back.

Haha :) Anything else you’ve purchased/found useful? Let me know in the comments! I’ve still got a year left!!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links!

Top Five Blogs for SLP Graduate Students

Hopefully you’ve read my other posts directed towards future & current SLP graduate students. If not, head back to main post here to catch up! This post is on my favorite FIVE blogs for SLP graduate students! While there are hundreds of SLP blogs out there, that can be overwhelming for the students among us who barely have time to shower, let alone catch up on 183 blogs! So below I’ve outlined some of my favorites! If you want a complete list of SLP blogs, check out Jenna’s list here over at Speech Room News.


Speechy Musings socials_fb

1) Speechy Musings: Is it rude to start with mine? Haha… But really, I do post often on topics relatable to other students. I’m a current SLP graduate student myself so I’m going through it all too! Consider subscribing to my blog on the right column! Look for a yellow bar. Or follow me on Facebook here  or on the Facebook button above to keep up to date! This upcoming year I’ll begin blogging about my externships!

Home Sweet Speech Room

2) Home Sweet Speech Room: Another SLP graduate student blogger! There aren’t many of us out there and Carissa’s blog rocks! So check hers out and bookmark as well!

Sublime Speech

3) Sublime Speech: Danielle from Sublime Speech is one of my favorite SLP bloggers. Her ideas (and materials) are creative and perfect for your grad school clinic sessions!

4) Hanna B Grad Student SLP: This was one of the first speech related blogs I read. She doesn’t update too often, but her posts are great! You can look back in the archives for tons of great stuff!

5) SLP Echo: Last, but absolutely not least, is SLP Echo. While she is no longer techincally a student, her posts are consistent, incredibly informative, and PERFECT for other SLP graduate students! Check out her page NOW.

What other bloggers do you like to read? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


Five Fun Sites for SLP Graduate Students

If you didn’t see my previous post, I’m starting a short series for future and current SLP graduate students! This is my second post and it is about five FUN sites!


1) What Should We Call SLP – HILARIOUS SLP related memes and jokes. Updated regularly!

2) Life as a Speechie – If you’re on Twitter, you should definitely follow these girls! All of their posts are so relatable!

3) SLP Humor Pinterest Boards – There are many of these, but here are some of my favorites: board one, board two, and board three.

4) Linguist Llama – I don’t know why, but this stuff really cracks me up. Check out some of the more popular ones by searching linguist llama on Pinterest.

5) This blog has some hilarious videos on it here. Including a hilarious cranial nerves YouTube video song. Count that video as a little undergrad review session… ;)

Any other fun sites I missed? Let me know in the comments! I’m always down for some good SLP humor!

Preparing for SLP Graduate School

I recently got an email, asking about how to best prepare for SLP graduate school. I thought it was a great question and thought I’d share some of my advice in a post!


1) My best and primary advice isn’t very helpful, but do NOTHING. Rest your brain. Enjoy your summer. Spend time with those you love. You won’t have much time to do these things in the coming months!

2) Get organized. Everybody has a system that works best for them. Get this system prepared and ready BEFORE day 1. I like to keep everything in 1 binder, with tabs for each class. Have this all ready right away. Buy extras of things like notecards, looseleaf paper, printer paper, pens, etc… You do not want to run out of essentials in the middle of a stressful weekend! This also means get fully moved in. If you’re moving across the country or across the state, make sure everything is how you want it to be when classes start. Otherwise that box of miscellaneous materials might be there all year!

3) If you are interesting (feel no pressure), do a very basic review of material. Brush up on IPA, reread some short study guides you made in undergrad. I liked doing this just to get my frame of thought back to speech.

4) Get familiar with online resources. Play around on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can see my store here. Check out my blog’s Online Resource Page or my Resources by Diagnosis page. Start bookmarking your favorite SLP blogs and websites! You will master finding things online during graduate school, but I think it’s a good idea to become familiar with these things now!

5) Ask questions! If you are curious about anything, email/call the contact person at your school! Don’t feel the need to wait until day 1 to find out!

6) Don’t stress! Seriously you will get through grad school! There is a reason they let you in! It’s incredibly competitive to get in, and you wouldn’t have been accepted if you couldn’t get through the coursework. Relax, and begin to worry more about learning your future career instead of accumulating an A in every single class. The A’s will come. Learn as much as you can and enjoy the process! Grad school can seem like it’s going by slowly, but imagine having your own speech room and realize the value of every morsel of information you’re gaining each and every day in the classroom!

7) Find humor in your situation. I love reading SLP grad student jokes! It makes me feel less alone in those stressful nights!

8) Prepare to enjoy yourself, at least a little! Your clients will be amazing. Your classes will be interesting (at least much more than undergrad classes…). Your classmates will rock. You will leave graduate school with memories! Enjoy these years!

If you have any other questions, email me at or leave a comment below! I have FOUR MORE POSTS on this topic coming up! See below and stay tuned!

Five Fun Sites for SLP Graduate Students

Top Five Blogs to Follow for SLP Graduate Students

Top Five Products for SLP Graduate Students

Top Five Resource Websites for SLP Graduate Students

Advice for SLP Graduate Students

As always, thanks for reading!

Word A Round Review + Giveaway


Welcome to giveaway #9 in my series of ‘Back to School’ giveaways for SLPs!!

If you haven’t seen the line up/information on these giveaways, check out the post here. Even though this is the last one, others may still be running!

 When Thinkfun asked if I would be willing to review a game of theirs, I jumped on board. They sent Word A Round which is SUCH fun game. I’ll show you more about it below!


As you can see, the packaging is really small, which is SO nice for SLPs. It kind of reminds me of the game Spot It! and the size of that container. When you open it, you can see the circular cards inside.


 Below are example cards (fronts & backs). So here’s how you play! Turn over the first card to the side with the words on it.  All players look at it and race to shout out the word in the black ring. If you look at the top left card, you should be able to find the word ‘strange’. The player who finds the hidden word first keeps the card. The color on the back of the card dictates which ring all players need to find the hidden word in next.


This game goes pretty quickly! Below is an example card close up. Can you find the 3 hidden words in the card below?


Isn’t it fun? This game could easily target reading, vocabulary, and attention. This game is intended for children ages 10+ and I’d agree so it’s probably best for your middle school & high school students! You can see it on Thinkfun’s website here. If this looks like something you could use in your speech room, enter the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are mine.

Three Items From My Store Giveaway


Welcome to giveaway #8 in my series of ‘Back to School’ giveaways for SLPs!!

If you haven’t seen the line up/information on these giveaways, check out the post here.

This one is short and simple. The winner will get to pick any 3 items from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Check out my store here!

And enter the Rafflecopter below.

Thanks for sticking with me through this giveaway series… there is ONE giveaway left! You are ALL so wonderful! :)

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Mason Jar Tumbler Review + Giveaway


Welcome to giveaway #7 in my series of ‘Back to School’ giveaways for SLPs!!

If you haven’t seen the line up/information on these giveaways, check out the post here.

I am freakishly excited to bring you today’s review & giveaway! Maybe it’s my obsession with drinking from straws, or my love for glass drinking containers, or how cool mason jars are, but this products ROCKS. This giveaway will have THREE winners. Each person will win one of the mason jar tumblers shown below AND a cuppow lid. Don’t know what that is? Read on.

These mason jar tumblers are made by Kristina over at Lil’ Bit Country. Check out her fabulous Etsy store here.


The three mugs I received were a tall skinny one, a shorter one, and a blue one!

So let’s start at the beginning! The tumblers came wrapped beautifully.


And here is everything that was inside:


Here are the assembled regular mugs:


When you order, you’ll have your choice of straw color. I chose these three:


I also received 2 cuppow lids. If you don’t know what one is, is transforms a mason jar into a coffee mug! They are SO cool.



So why are these tumblers so cool? Well they are mason jars (stating the obvious here). I love how they look! They fit perfectly in my cup holders of my car.  I can use them for a variety of hot & cold drinks using the cuppow lid when desired. Colors/tastes don’t stain glass! Everything except the straws is made in the USA. They are dishwasher safe and BPA free and the grommets are food grade. And they are cute. Did I say that already?

I really think they make everything I drink look more refreshing. Here are some pictures of the tumblers in use:


Interesting in purchasing your own? Check out Kristina’s Etsy store, Lil’ Bit Country here.  Show her some love for making my new favorite “toy”. And check out her store. She has some other cool items like a mini jar that attaches to the top of a mason jar to hold salad dressings! Perfect for packing a lunch.

As I stated earlier, Kristina is just awesome and is giving away THREE of these tumblers (one of each kind as seen above). So three people will receive a tumbler, straw lid, AND a cuppow lid!

If you need another reason to think Kristina is the coolest, she is offering Speechy Musings readers 20% off of her store if you use the code SPEECH13 through August 3rd.

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a shot at winning:

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Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are mine.

Back to School Packet Giveaway


Welcome to giveaway #6 in my series of ‘Back to School’ giveaways for SLPs!!

If you haven’t seen the line up/information on these giveaways, check out the post here.

This one will be short! I’m giving away THREE copies of my Back to School Speech & Language Packet!

You can read my blog post about this product here to see if it is something you could use for your speech room! Enter the Rafflecopter below to enter:

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