Hey speechy friends! My name is Shannon and I absolutely looove speech-language pathology.

I’ve been passionate about the field for as long as I can remember. I got my BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then my MS from Radford University in Virginia.

While in grad school hundreds and hundreds of miles away from home, I got lonely and knew I needed a passion project. One of my mentors pointed out that I had a particularly creative approach to the field. She recommended I start a blog to share my ideas and approach with my colleagues in the field. I got going and never looked back.

I quickly realized that a blog was a great place to share my ideas, but that most people in my growing community were looking for more practical solutions to assist them in working with their students. So while I’ve continued blogging prolifically (who knew blogging could be so fun!), I also started creating products for the community, always with a focus on quality over quantity.

The feedback has been amazing. My community appreciates that my products are steeped in research, but that they’re designed to be used by actual children in the real world. I focus on creating practical, easy-to-use materials for pediatric SLPs.

I create products that are clean and professional. They use simple fonts that are easy to read and follow a simple design approach intended to work for students of all ages. SLPs love that my products can work for kids in preschool, or for older students in middle and high school.

Put simply, my products are designed to be easy to use, easy to understand and easy to implement right away. I truly love my job and want you to too.

-I believe that when we do better, our students do better.

So let’s all keep doing better.

Stay amazing,


I focus on creating practical, easy-to-use materials for pediatric SLPs.

A Few Things About Me
  • I love soft things.
  • I love drinking everything through a straw (yes, even wine!)
  • My favorite food is a potato (prepared in any way) with cheese.
  • I love working with people with autism.
  • I thrive off of the energy of children.
  • I would describe myself as high energy, optimistic, passionate, and adventurous.
  • I have the cutest puppies in the entire world (and yes, they use AAC buttons to make requests!)

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