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AAC Symbol Libraries

One challenge that I've found consistently when working with…
May 5, 2017/by Shannon

Working In a Middle School: Pros and Cons

This past school year I switched to working full-time for a new,…
April 4, 2017/by Shannon

Self-Care Tips for SLPs

Every SLP feels burned out, stressed out, and overworked…
March 28, 2017/by Shannon

Teaching Object Function with Visuals

I've switched around jobs a couple of times since graduation.…
March 9, 2017/by Shannon

Less and Less – A No-Prep Game to Target Describing Skills

I'm always on the hunt for no-prep, easy games that target…
February 13, 2017/by Shannon

Teletherapy: Through the Eyes of a Seasoned Therapist

This is a fabulous guest blog post by The Whimsical Word, Inc.

February 8, 2017/by Shannon

Month of Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Love

I think being an SLP is the most amazing job ever. However, that…
January 31, 2017/by Shannon

Braidy the StoryBraid® Kit – A Review

The longer I'm in this field, the more I realize I just love…
January 25, 2017/by Shannon

Homework Labels for Speech Therapy

My school district is very purposeful and intentional about…
January 10, 2017/by Shannon

10 New Year’s Resolutions for SLPs – Love Your Job This Year!

I'm always looking for ways to improve myself as a person and…
January 1, 2017/by Shannon

One Page Language Lessons: Speech Therapy Printables for Upper Grades

As many of you know, I recently switched jobs and ended up in....…
December 29, 2016/by Shannon

5 Days of Giveaways

Y'all. I've had THE BEST YEAR EVER. Planned a wedding, got married,…
December 10, 2016/by Shannon

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