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SLP Winter Must Reads

With so many of us approaching some type of winter break or another,…
December 16, 2012/by Shannon

Sensory Slime Therapy Ideas

By far, this is my favorite thing to make with kids! It's motivating,…
December 13, 2012/by Shannon

Books by Speech Sound Handouts Freebie


December 12, 2012/by Shannon

I see the light!

I've officially turned in ALL of my coursework for my first semester.…
December 10, 2012/by Shannon

How to Survive SLP Graduate School

My first semester of speech language pathology graduate school…
December 7, 2012/by Shannon

A Semester of Articulation Therapy Ideas

As my semester wraps up, I've started compiling ideas that I've…
December 7, 2012/by Shannon

Winter Themed Grammar Worksheets

I've got a new activity targeting everybody's favorite thing:…
December 4, 2012/by Shannon

Graduate Admissions Essay

When I wrote my essay, I remember thinking to myself... "I wish…
December 3, 2012/by Shannon

Verb Conjugation Chart

This past week, during session with one of my clients with aphasia,…
December 2, 2012/by Shannon


I finally found it! I've been searching since I read about it…
November 30, 2012/by Shannon

Wh- Questions Visual

So many of the kids I've worked with have difficulty with wh-questions…
November 30, 2012/by Shannon

Things I Learned From My First Semester of Graduate School

Hey ya'll,My first semester in graduate school is winding down…
November 30, 2012/by Shannon

Cookie Articulation Game

Hi all,

Hope everybody is enjoying hump day! In order to celebrate…
November 29, 2012/by Shannon

The award for my favorite app so far is….

Story Creator!! I will preface by saying that I am a new iPad…
November 26, 2012/by Shannon

The Graduate School Application Process

By far, the most stressful period of my life thus far was applying…
November 26, 2012/by Shannon

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