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Free 30-Day Gratitude Challenge for SLPs

I added another wonderful freebie to my exclusive email subscriber freebie library and wanted to let you know all know! It’s a 30-day gratitude calendar that includes 1 prompt each day. Some of the prompts are directly related to gratitude while others will hopefully just get you thinking about things that are positive or bring you happiness!

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If you’re already signed up and know the password (check your old emails!), click here to access the freebie library.

Another simple printable (it’s free too!) that I use to remind myself of gratitude is my weekly to-do list. This is also available in my email subscriber freebie library. Every week I fill it out to stay organized. There’s a box to fill out something you’re grateful for each week!

I hope that helps inspire you to think more about things you’re grateful for and that doing this increases your overall wellbeing and happiness. It works wonders for me!

Stay amazing and thanks for reading! <3

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