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Month of Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Love

I think being an SLP is the most amazing job ever. However, that doesn’t mean that our job doesn’t come with some unique challenges and struggles that can feel exhausting and overwhelming at times.

month of SLP love

I am on a mission to make this school year my best yet through positive thinking, self care and maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

So here’s my thought: for the month of February, I want YOU to join me in a Month of SLP Love. Let’s discuss why we absolutely love our jobs, beyond ANY challenge or curveball that’s thrown our way. Let’s challenge ourselves to grow in our ability to stay positive in the face of adversity. And let’s do it together – because everything is easier to do when part of a team! You in?

Month of SLP Love

What will this entail? It’s simple – just follow along, read the updates, and get inspired. I’ll be posting images detailing reasons why SLPs love their jobs. Show some love to the reasons you relate to by liking or commenting. In addition, I’ll be posting challenges that you can participate in. They will be simple yet effective ways to stay positive and happier.

What do you need to do to participate? Upload and share your own picture!! Click here to download the image. Just click on the empty white space on the image and add your own text. Upload it to social media, tag me, and hashtag #MonthOfSLPLove so I can see your picture! <3 Then, follow me on social media! I’ll also be sending out periodic updates as part of my newsletter. Links to sign up are below!

Make sure to join in! I promise you’ll feel motivated, encouraged and more optimistic about the rest of the school year!

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Hope you enjoy the Month of SLP Love as much as I do! I’d love your feedback either way. Join it and let me know what you think and why you love being an SLP.

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