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Braidy the StoryBraid® Kit – A Review

Braidy the StoryBraid kit

The longer I’m in this field, the more I realize I just love complete curriculums and their addition to my arsenal of “tools”. I love how they are consistent for my students year to year and provide such a complete way to target a skill. Braidy the Storybraid is one of the most useful tools you can get for speech and language therapy if you work with preschool or elementary aged students! Read on to learn more!

Background: Braidy the StoryBraid Kit is from Mindwing Concepts, the same wonderful folks who make Story Grammar Marker. Their products are evidence based and typically center around the important skills of narratives. To learn more about them, click here. They have a great bio with even more information.

Age Range: This targets similar skills as Story Grammar Marker, but is more appropriate for a younger age range. You could easily start with Braidy with students aged 3-4. I used it with students in preschool (age 3) through 2nd grade but could easily see using it with students in grades up to 5 depending on the student and their needs. The kit uses similar language and visuals to the Story Grammar Marker so don’t be worried about your students getting mixed up if you begin teaching with this and transition to Story Grammar Marker later on.

Skills Targeted: This kit explicitly teaches the following skills: perspective taking, story grammar elements, transition words, story retell/narratives, sequencing and emotions.  I used this kit with the majority of my caseload when I saw the younger grades because of it’s versatility.

Contents: The Braidy the StoryBraid kit comes with the following items:

  • 1 Braidy, the StoryBraid® Teachers’ Manual

1 Braidy, the StoryBraid® Doll (choose Ethnic or Caucasian doll)

1 Build-A-Braidy® Pad

1 Our Friend Braidy Interactive Poster™ (w/ 30 Braidy™ Iconic Pieces and storage bag)

1 Bunch of Braidys Poster™

1 Bunch of Braidys Mini-Poster™

5 wristbands for student participation

Website link to downloadable PDFs of all manual-included maps and forms

Thoughts: I love using books in therapy and this kit made it so easy. I keep my books sorted in plastic boxes by theme. All I needed to do to prep for a large percentage of my caseload was swap out those boxes each month and pair those books with a lesson from Braidy. I kept a post-it note on the page I was using for each group (blue = Monday/Wednesday 1st grade language group, red = early childhood push in students, etc..) so that I could easily flip to where I left off with minimal prep. My students loved the doll (to be honest, I find it a little creepy but my students were obsessed) and demonstrated great attention during these lessons. I loved that I wasn’t using worksheets with these younger students and they were learning skills they could easily transfer to the classroom. I loved making copies of the visuals and providing them to classroom teachers as well!

Pros: See thoughts above for tons of the pros about this kit. In addition, I think the kit is well priced compared to other SLP kits or curriculums. I think the carryover/classroom involvement piece is much easier with kits like this! I love how clearly the manual outlines how to explain the concepts, what to say, activities to do, etc… It really takes the guess work and prep time out of everything! The doll and materials are great quality as I’ve used it for a year and it’s in great shape.

Cons: There is no way to fix this but the kit is quite large. The doll might be tricky to carry or travel with if you are between many schools. I was and left it at one school (because of the age range) but if you had to travel to several  preschool sites or something, it might be tricky to bring along.

Overview: Braidy the StoryBraid Kit is an amazing addition to your therapy materials if you work with students in preschool through grade 3. You can teach so many skills with so little prep. The kit is priced well and engaging for students.

You can learn more and purchase the kit by clicking the link below.

Check out the Braidy the StoryBraid Kit

As I said before, you can really pair this kit with ANY book. However, some books are obviously better than others when discussing story grammar. Below are some of my favorite books for anything story grammar related. They are engaging and have easy to dissect and understand story grammar parts. What are your favorite books to use to target story grammar?

Mindwing Concepts also provides a great visual for their favorite storybooks for story retell organized by level. You can find that by clicking here.

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